My Secret Source for Genius Styling Tricks

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I log onto Net-a-Porter every single day that I’m at the Who What Wear office for a dose of fashion inspiration. Not only does the retailer have an amazing section of new arrivals and a curated collection of up-and-coming designers scouted for its “vanguard” that I’m constantly checking out, but they also have incredible styling ideas that never fail to inspire me. For this reason, I find myself scrolling through Net-a-Porter on the regular.

In particular, I’ll go to Net-a-Porter to get ideas for how to style particularly challenging trends. For example, neon—undoubtedly one of the biggest trends of the moment. I watched the bold colors come down runway after runway this fashion month but still questioned if it was right for my personal wardrobe and how I would actually pull it off IRL. But, after seeing an electric green turtleneck layered under an oversize T-shirt with jeans over on Net-a-Porter, I began to see how I could actually pull it off.

Ahead, I’m breaking down more of the cool fashion styling ideas I’ve picked up from Net-a-Porter and will be testing out for myself for the season ahead.