7 Secret Things Every Stylish Woman Does

How does she do it? If you've ever found yourself asking this exact question, mesmerized by the stylish look of someone on your Instagram feed, or a woman on the street, we feel you. We've all been there. But the simple truth is that effortless style isn't always all that effortless. It takes time, practice, and knowledge to pull it all off. But, lucky enough, having road tested plenty of styling hacks ourselves, we've been able to assemble the ultimate cheat sheet. 

Below, we've rounded up seven easy-to-implement tricks that stylish women use to step up their game. They run the gamut—from mastering the art of budgeting to finding outfit inspiration—but all lead to one end result: seriously enviable style. Armed with these habits, you'll make this year your most stylish yet, we promise. 

Read on to learn about the seven tricks you need to know, and to shop pieces to help you pull it all off!