Little Fashion Gifts Under $20 That Ship Super Fast (in Case You Forgot Someone)


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They say there are five love languages; we give and express love through words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time, and physical touch. While I think I may fall into a few of these categories, I will say that receiving gifts is definitely one way to my heart. 

I’m not talking about massive presents or grandiose gifts. I’m talking about the little things that you get here or there from someone you love. It’s the scones from my favorite bakery in Chicago that my mom sends me to New York to surprise me. It’s my roommate bringing home a bottle of champagne to celebrate an article I’m proud of. It’s my sister giving me her tank top she knows I love (and always steal). 

But maybe what’s even better than receiving these gifts is giving them. The thing with this is that giving gifts is harder than receiving them. I go shopping at possibly every store imaginable, and nothing strikes my eye. I find something I know would be absolutely perfect until the price tag slaps me in the face. I turn to the internet after striking out in retail, only to realize that five to seven business days of shipping and handling will mean a gift that’s over one week late. And then I am left with the "I ordered it—it’s on its way” promise that is really an empty-handed excuse. Until now.

With these under-$20 fashion gifts that ship super fast, all of these worries are abolished. With endless options, low prices, and fast shipping, never be empty-handed again. I know the holidays are coming up, and I have rounded up all of the best fashion gifts on Amazon below. 

And in case you were curious, there is a sixth love language, and it’s Amazon.


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