You'll Find These Jewelry Trends on Every Who What Wear Editor

If we do say so ourselves, we Who What Wear editors know a good trend when we see one. And that's exactly why you'll often see similar ones populating our Instagram feeds. Lately, we can't stop Instagramming our jewelry, and can you blame us? After several seasons of delicate-jewelry domination, we're delighted that bold, statement-making, even "extra" jewelry is what's on everyone's ears, wrists, necks, and fingers—and we're taking full advantage of it while we can. Of course, considering how very Instagrammable all the current jewelry trends us fashion editors are wearing are, they just might stick around for a long while.

From the necklace party we're all increasingly smitten with to the tropical trend that's won us over for summer, this is the jewelry Who What Wear editors have been Instagramming up a storm. Along the way, shop our picks for each trend—you know the drill.