The 10 Fashion Commandments, From a Stylist

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Need a list of style rules that will stand the test of time? Something to refer to on a daily basis? Thanks to celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson, we've got you covered. As someone who dresses people for a living, Anita definitely knows a thing or two about good style advice and was kind enough to pass her seasoned knowledge along to all of us.

Below, Anita has written up the 10 fashion commandments she believes every woman should live by. From which pieces to invest in to life hacks that will ultimately relieve reoccurring fashion-related stress, we must admit, the fashion commandments she came up with make so much sense. Now, if only we could commit to living by them…

Go on to find out what the 10 fashion commandments are, according to celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson.

1. Dress to flatter your body.
Accentuate your assets and downplay the parts you don't feel as good about.
2. Not every trend is for everyone.
Sometimes it's okay to sit one out.
3. Spend some money on a gorgeous, clean black blazer.
It's the perfect remedy for a day when you're not feeling like your best self. It'll work with a dress or a pair of jeans. Throw it on, and don't look in the mirror again. Life is too short!


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4. Make yourself your own styling kit.
Include nipple covers, double-sided tape, a mini steamer, safety pins, and sticky bras. No outfit shouldn't be worn because you don't have the right gear!
5. Put your money into classic, timeless pieces that you will wear season after season.
These are your staples and investment pieces. 
6. ALWAYS have a fabulous party outfit dry-cleaned and ready to go.
You never know when you might get a fabulous invite—a girl needs to be prepared!


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7. Invest in good underwear and shapewear. 
These pieces can make or break your look. No sloppy underwear—you won't be able to get away with it. 
8. If your shoes are making your feet miserable, throw them out!
Again, life is too short, and smaller heels are just as good if not more fashionable anyway.



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9. Know the brands that are kind to the environment.
The fashion industry is the second biggest pollutant worldwide. We all need to do our part.
10. Don't be afraid to have fun. It's fashion, not neuroscience.
If you try something and you make a mistake, who cares! It's a great forum to wake up and express yourself! Get creative!


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