6 Fashion Bloggers With the Coolest Piercings

If you’re seeking a little piercing inspiration, look no further than the Instagram feeds of some industry-reigning style bloggers. These stylish women have the art of the fashion-girl ear party down to a science, which is no small feat. With the amount of options available when it comes to not only piercing placement but also, subsequently, which earrings to put where, it takes an in-the-know girl to get it right.

Whether you’re a piercing novice, want some styling ideas for your own ear party, or would just like a few new additions to your Pinterest board, these six bloggers’ piercings are absolute must-sees. Our main tip, based on our research? If you have side-by-side piercings and haven’t tried wearing two of the same hoop earrings on the same ear (a favorite look of these bloggers), we highly encourage you to give it a go. It’s cool, it’s simple, and it adds instant edge, even if you don’t have an ear full of piercings like the bloggers you’re about to see.

Without further ado, keep scrolling to witness the eye candy on the ears of these six top bloggers. (And be sure to shop some of our favorite earrings mixed in along the way!)

What are your favorite piercing placements? Tell us in the comments below!