20 Discounted Designer Items You Truly Won't Believe Are on Sale

Farfetch sale shopping



If you're not familiar with the many wonders of a FARFETCH sale, allow me to fill you in. As you may know, FARFETCH sells items from boutiques and department stores all over the world, and your purchase will typically arrive at your doorstep in approximately two to three days. (It's a small miracle that you can order something from a boutique in Italy and feasibly be wearing it in 48 hours. Thank you for that, FARFETCH.)

In case you were wondering where I'm going with this, I have a reason for bestowing so much praise on FARFETCH. The retailer is having a major summer sale right now, which means that thousands of (as in 8,000) designer items are marked down by as much as 60%. The sale is running through August, so there's plenty of time to shop. All of your favorite designer brands are present and accounted for, so scroll on to shop the items I'm kind of losing it over.

Good news: Going-out clothes are a thing again.

I hope you have somewhere to wear this.

This seems like a good reason to invest in a Bottega bag.

This brings new life to "jeans and a top."

There are so many different ways to wear this, and all of them are chic.

These are wildly comfortable. (Trust me—I already own them.)

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