This Might Be the Biggest Micro-Trend of Fall 2019

Trends can come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are an overall aesthetic versus one particular item (e.g., bourgeoise dressing vs. square-toe sandals), but other times, they are so subtle, you can miss them if you aren't looking hard enough. Those, my friends, are what we call micro-trends and I think I just spotted the biggest one of fall 2019. I'm calling this trend scrunched accessories (creative, I know) because the detailing is basically a dissected scrunchie or ruching on everything from bag handles to shoes to belts and back again. 

If you're looking to update your fall wardrobe but hate buying into trends, scrunched accessories might just be the perfect seasonal investment for you. Since the ruching detailing is so subtle, this array of accessories within the trend will pair perfectly with everything you would normally wear but will add a graceful touch of forwardness. Here we have rounded up some of the best scrunched accessories on the market right now for you to shop, in addition to a couple of our favorite photos of the styles we've been eyeing on Instagram. 

Shop the trend:

This is the bag brand to watch this year.

This color looks so expensive but isn't. 

Is it a scrunchie? Is it an anklet? No, it's just a chic pump.

Mark my words: This bag is about to be everywhere. 

Grab this shoe for all your upcoming fall outfits. 

This season is all about the belted blazer, and this one would look great over all of yours. 

Liven up an all-neutral look with this poppin' bag. 

Not your average black ankle boot.

I don't think a more perfect white mule has ever existed. 

The scrunch on this one is barely there, but that's also kind of what we like about it. 

One more scrunchie headband for the road.

Layer these under all your fall midi dresses and skirts. 

In case stripes aren't your thing, here is the black version.

The ruching on this one makes all the difference. 

Spice up your neutral bags with a printed bag strap. 

An updated version to the iconic Double G belt. 

These are going to be a yes from me, fam. 

And now, the bag you've probably seen all over your Instagram feeds.

This would be the perfect travel accessory. 

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