We Predict These 5 Newcomers Will Make It Big This Fall

What do shows The Politician, See, Mixed-ish, and The Terror: Infamy have in common? Besides being part of fall’s must-see television lineup, these titles feature some of the most exciting fresh faces to hit the small screen. So let us introduce you…

Between Apple’s buzzy new streaming debut, Ryan Murphy’s highly anticipated first Netflix project, and the networks racing to find their next big hit, there is no shortage of content to obsessively binge, devour, and enjoy this fall. But we know it’s a lot, and TV fatigue can quickly set in before the new season even starts. To make things a little easier, we’ve cut through all the noise to bring you five under-the-radar performances not to be missed.

From Mexico’s best new transplant to the fashion-obsessed 14-year-old following in Yara Shahidi’s footsteps, meet the roster of new talent about to blow up.


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WHO: Cristina Rodlo

WHAT: Cristina Rodlo has reason to celebrate: She’s had a stellar year! After making her U.S. debut in the Gina Rodriguez crime thriller Miss Bala in February, the Mexican actress landed two more notable Hollywood projects: Amazon Prime’s summer hit Too Old to Die Young and AMC’s sophomore run of The Terror. Not to mention, it was recently announced she was cast in Paramount Network's new dark comedy series 68 Wiskey. Trust us when we say, this is a name you want to remember.

Too Old to Die Young is unlike any other project I’ve worked on in that… There’s no other director like Nicolas Winding Refn. Just to have the opportunity to work with him was truly amazing. And to portray a character as powerful as Yaritza has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Yaritza is such a dream character to play because… She is a badass. Yaritza knows what she wants and she is willing to do everything in her power to save all the women she can from prostitution and human trafficking. She is a women’s savior. It just can’t get better than that.

Some of the major selling points of The Terror: Infamy for me were… It’s based on a true story, and Luz is such a compelling character. The Terror: Infamy is an ensemble project full of diverse actors, and it’s something never seen before on a primetime show.

I’m most excited for people to see this project because… They’re going to be able to connect with all of these amazing characters. Given the times that we’re living in right now, people are going to feel drawn to this story. I’m excited for people to see this and then to question themselves; to see in what way they’re repeating history as well. Because we all are. We need to learn from our past in order to change our present and our future.

The biggest difference between working in Hollywood vs. Mexico is… THE BUDGET!

One invaluable thing I’ve done to prepare for a role this year was… Learn from history. To prepare for Luz, I had to really dig in our past and learn from our errors.

My favorite outfit I’ve ever worn for a project would have to be… Yaritza’s jacket!

However, if you catch me off-duty, chances are I’m wearing… jeans and a tank top.

When it comes to fashion, I’m a total sucker for… shoes.

My fall wardrobe would not be complete without these three pieces…

"This jacket. I can’t wait to start wearing some layers.”

"I love fall colors. They go well with my style and this poncho fits all my requirements!"

"I just love wearing pants. But it has been so hot in L.A. lately that I haven’t been able to, so I can’t wait to be wearing those very soon!!"


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WHO: Lauren Glazier

WHAT: The details of See may still be tightly under wraps, but here’s what we do know about the Apple TV+ series: The sci-fi drama is set in a future world where the human race has been living without sight for as long as anyone can remember. It stars Jason Momoa (you can already count us in). And the production budgets were (reportedly) massive, so it’s sure to be a visual spectacle. We also know that Lauren Glazier is starring as a character named Nyrie, and after watching the actress steal scenes on season two of Mindhunter this August, we are excited to see what she brings to this project.

The most exciting part of joining Mindhunter for season two was… The opportunity to work on such a smart, interesting show that I was already a huge fan of! Specifically working with David Fincher and Anna Torv.

Unless you were on the set of Mindhunter, you wouldn’t know… That the chap who played my barback at the Command Post is actually an amazing bartender/mixologist from one of our favorite spots in Pittsburgh, Bar Marco.

I can’t reveal too much about my upcoming Apple TV+ project See, but I can say… The locations, sets, and costumes were absolutely stunning.

As an actress, I find myself gravitating to characters who… Have a lot more going on under the surface than we think, something to be discovered

The women in this business I most look up to are… Able to navigate the industry and are choosing interesting indie roles that are diverse and unpredictable but can just as easily pop up in a massive project. They have the ability to maneuver through all mediums and the ability to speak up for themselves. I admire strong opinions. 

My favorite outfit I’ve ever worn for a project would have to be… I’d have to say one of my costumes in See designed by the incredible Trish Summerville. I was really blown away in the fitting by the attention to detail and creativity.

However, if you catch me off-duty, chances are I’m wearing… On the daily, jeans a white T-shirt and sneakers. I’m a little kid at heart.

My fall wardrobe​ would not be complete without these three pieces…

"There is nothing like crawling into bed on a cool fall day in your favorite jammies. I love these ones because they are so incredibly soft and unrestrictive. Also it’s an incredible company doing amazing work for women.”

"I’m tall, so sometimes it’s hard to find great long pants. But I’ve discovered that a beautiful pair of high-waisted loose trousers like these Stella McCartneys are the most comfortable and chic piece you can throw on with a sweater or T-shirt. A step up from my usual go-to denim. I also love that they are animal and environmentally conscious at Stella McCartney, which I try to be as much as possible.”

"I have an awesome pair [of boots] I got from Zara when I was in Pittsburgh and have been kind of wearing them non-stop. My character in Mindhunter wore a lot of great vintage boots, and I definitely have let them bleed into my daily wardrobe.” 


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WHO: Arica Himmel

WHAT: You know a show is a hit when it births not one but two spin-offs, and it’s easy to see why ABC is placing bets on a Black-ish prequel story following the success of its college offshoot Grown-ish. In Mixed-ish, Rainbow "Bow” Johnson (Tracee Ellis Ross) recounts her younger years and the circumstances she faced growing up in a mixed-race family. In an excellent casting move, newcomer Arica Himmel was tapped to play a pre-teen Bow. Having previously performed off-Broadway, the young actress brings an exciting perspective to the role. Not to mention, Himmel has been stepping out in brands like Gucci, Proenza Schouler, and Alexander Wang, so we predict a fashion star in the making.

The moment I found out I landed the role of Bow Johnson on Mixed-ish I was… In Cali eating dinner at Joe's Crab Shack and I nearly choked on my crab leg! I was with my dad, and we called my sister and mom back in New York to tell them, even though it was 1:00 a.m. Then my dad and I celebrated by going to Disneyland the next day.

This is a dream project for me because… I think Black-ish has been a groundbreaking show, as it tackles serious issues of race and class and family interaction while being hilarious at the same time. As a biracial girl, it's exciting to portray a character in the spinoff Mixed-ish who I can relate to in specific ways. And what an honor it is to work with and learn from a cast of immense talent.

A valuable lesson I’ve learned from working with Tracee Ellis Ross is… Her dedication to her craft. Her work ethic combined with a great sense of humor seem essential for an actor. As a well-educated woman, she is an appropriate role model as I look to my own future as an actor and writer. 

A role I would be interested in taking on next is… A live-action version of Coraline.

My favorite outfit I’ve ever worn for a project would have to be… A Gucci sweater with an Absence of Color skirt.

However, if you catch me off-duty, chances are I’m wearing… Sneakers and sweats.

When it comes to fashion, I’m a total sucker for… Cool colors and jogging suits from the ’90s.

The people and/or fashion accounts I love to follow on Instagram are… @traceeellisross @billieeilish @goat @teyanataylor and @skaijackson.

My fall wardrobe would not be complete without these three pieces…

"Leather jacket from Alice and Olivia, because you can dress it up or dress it down, wear it with dresses or jeans.”

"This hoodie from KITH is essential because it's comfortable, warm, and perfect to wear on set between takes.”

"I'm a sneaker girl through and through. I love these classic Pumas from KITH.” 


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WHO: Julia Schlaepfer

WHAT: Ryan Murphy’s Netflix debut, The Politician (part of the creator’s $300 million deal with the streaming giant), is not only a feast for the eyes—seriously, the fashion and set design are as glamorous as they come—its timely and tongue-in-cheek take on politics is chock-full of fantastic performances. You’ll want to watch out for Julia Schlaepfer, who shines as Alice, Payton Hobart’s (Ben Platt) impeccably dressed, tenacious girlfriend who will stop at nothing to ensure her other half is elected class president. It’s the actress’s first recurring role, and we’ve seen more than enough to know this is simply the beginning of a promising career ahead.

Working on a Ryan Murphy production is… An absolute dream come true. Glee was a religion in my household growing up. Every week, for that one hour, my entire family would put everything on hold to watch it together. My best friend and I even dressed up as Quinn and Rachel for Halloween one year! I have been captivated by the magic of Ryan’s shows for as long as I can remember. So I think I will be pinching myself for the rest of my life that I get to wake up every day and do this for a living!

The inspiration for my character Alice on The Politician is… A young, brilliant Hillary Clinton with a dash of Margot Tenenbaum.

I would describe the fashion on the show as… Sophisticated, vibrant, expensive, and, of course GORGEOUS.

If I could take home one of Alice’s perfectly preppy looks it would be… Her ivory Gucci loafers! I wore them in almost every scene; they are Alice’s signature.

The actor(s) I would most like to work with next are… Bette Midler and Judith Light. They are joining us for season two and are both total legends. I have heard that they are absolutely wonderful to work with, so to get the opportunity to learn from them would be incredible! Crossing fingers for scenes with them!

My favorite outfit I’ve ever worn for a project would have to be… There is a specific outfit I wear in the season finale, which is one of my favorite garments I have ever had on my body. For spoiler purposes, I cannot specify, but I have a feeling ya’ll will KNOW. Also, I would say any of the outfits I wore in the Manson film I did, Charlie Says, because we were all encouraged to roll around in the dirt in those costumes. Frankly, what could be more fun?

However, if you catch me off-duty, chances are I’m wearing… Loose boyfriend jeans with some simple gold jewelry and a turtleneck. I love turtlenecks! Or my favorite oversize T-shirt from Royal Workshop that is bedazzled and has Elvis’s face on it. I love it.

The people and/or fashion accounts I love to follow on Instagram are… Diane Keaton. Have you seen her Instagram? The captions alone are a true gift to humankind. And her OUTFITS! She is a monochromatic icon. I also recently became obsessed with following Doniella Davy, the head makeup artist on the show, Euphoria. WOW, she is an artist. If anyone knows me, they know I love a good rhinestone, and she puts those suckers to use like nobody’s business. It’s inspiring to see how she works. And then, of course, my favorite people in the world to follow are my closest friends. My friends are so beautiful and stylish and brilliant and nothing makes me happier than to see their gorg faces on Insta.

My fall wardrobe would not be complete without these three pieces…

"This Prada Frankenstein piece is perhaps my dream shirt of all time. I love anything spooky and Halloween, so this entire collection speaks straight to my soul. I also love the androgynous feel of the piece. You could go big and pair it with Prada’s matching Frankenstein skirt (yes, please) or pair it with any sort of simple black pants and a cute boot.” 

"Speaking of boots, these are amazing. I love the dark green for fall and python seems to be everywhere this season. I would wear these any day with black nylons and a cute skirt or with jeans and a cozy sweater. You really can’t go wrong!”

"This jacket is the perfect fall staple. The tobacco color is so buttery and gorgeous and will remedy all of your October chills while looking fabulous. You can literally pair this over any sort of autumnal colored garment!”


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WHO: Laura Dreyfuss

WHAT: When we said The Politician was full of good performances, we were not lying. That’s why we had to include not one, but two amazing fresh faces from the Netflix series. Laura Dreyfus is a standout as McAfee, Payton’s trusted campaign advisor who is ruthless in her attempts to get her nominee ahead in the polls and has a wardrobe full of eye-catching pantsuits that rival Hillary Clinton. But this isn’t Dreyfus’s first go-round with Ryan Murphy (she appeared on Glee season six) or Ben Platt (they starred together on the Broadway hit Dear Evan Hansen), and it’s easy to see why the two love working with her so much—she’s got talent in spades.

The most rewarding part of working on The Politician has been… To have the opportunity to work with such incredible people and artists. The cast has such a familial vibe, and it’s been such an amazing experience getting to work alongside everyone. 

Unless you were on set of The Politician, you wouldn’t know that… @hotdamnitsbanjo (my dog) gave final approval for hair and makeup.

Having worked with Ben Platt on two projects now, I can tell you… He loves a consistent meal and a dance party (preferably Beyoncé).

If I could pick one of McAfee’s amazing pantsuits to take home, it would be… The lime green Rachel Comey suit.

The most surprising difference between acting on Broadway versus working on a TV series is… There’s more free food on a TV set.

My favorite outfit I’ve ever worn for a project would have to be… Pretty much every power suit on The Politician

However, if you catch me off-duty, chances are I’m wearing… Jeans, a T-shirt, and a backward baseball hat.

When it comes to fashion, I’m a total sucker for… Slow fashion. There are so many amazing companies that are doing so much to reduce our carbon footprint. I love feeling good about why I’m wearing something. Companies like Doen, Jesse Kamm, and Reformation are making me so excited about the future of fashion.

My fall wardrobe would not be complete without these three piece

"I’ve been lusting after these ranger pants by Jesse Kamm in Tobacco.” 

"I love this top. It feels like the perfect transition to fall, and it would look so cute tucked into high-waisted pants.” 

"And finally, I have been wanting a beige hat and I’ve eying this one.” 

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