One Thing's For Sure: Fall's Best Shoes Are Real Statement Makers


Jessica Simpson

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of spending precious time thinking—and writing—about boring ole basic black boots. Similarly, if I see another pair of white sneakers pop up in my Instagram feed, I may just run out of the office screaming, never to be seen or heard from again. (That escalated quickly, didn’t it? I’m pretty sure by this point, my friends know to take only about 75% of the things I say seriously.)

What I’m trying to say is that I’m all too glad that fall’s top shoe styles are primed for a walk on the wilder side. Finally. Just check out the newest styles from Jessica Simpson, for example: The designer’s footwear section is chock full of knee-high snakeskin-print boots (definitely my idea of a good time), cheetah-print “dad” sneakers, and sky-high pumps in all manner of patterns and color schemes. Keep on reading to see which pairs I’m adding to my cart as we speak…

A modern take on a super-’70s style. Snakeskin for the win.

Finally, chunky shoes that feel more me than my dad. I’ll be pairing these with my favorite black flares from the brand.

I told you snakeskin was having a moment… This cherry-red pair of boots has already skyrocketed to the top of my fall shopping list.

You can’t have an animal-print party without inviting the O.G., leopard print. Slip these knee-high stunners on and you’ll forget you ever owned a pair of plain black boots.

What can I say? There’s just something about red boots. They may not be a neutral, but you’ll still find me pairing them with just about everything this fall.

These look like basic gray sneakers… until you zoom in and get a good look at the textured pewter uppers. (Love a good detail.) Then I’ll add in this fall-ready sweater.

I’ve professed my love for cow-print everything to anyone and everyone who is still willing to listen to me, so obviously these boots have earned a spot in my online shopping cart. (Psst—keep the cowboy cowgirl theme going by way of this chic plaid top. Print-clashing perfection.)

I’ve already got a bunch of boring black heels hanging around in the back of my closet, so this fall, I’m planning on investing in a leopard-print pair. As my colleagues have stated many times before, the best thing about leopard print is that it can actually work as a neutral.

What’s better than one animal print? How about adding two more into the mix? I’m planning on letting these be the star of the show, adding a bit more fun to my go-to head-to-toe black looks.

My sherpa jacket is going to be so stoked about getting some company in the sneaker department. I’ve never been much of a sneaker girl until now, but there’s just something special about these chunky dad sneakers.

Can’t get enough? Keep shopping Jessica Simpson