I Wear Skirts 99% of the Time—Here Are My 25 Current Favorite Picks

I think I’ve mentioned many times on here that my favorite clothing item has to be a skirt. They’re versatile, more comfortable than pants, and there are a variety of styles for your choosing. I remember shopping for skirts with very few options to choose from, but now that isn’t the case. I spent a solid hour scrolling through my favorite retailers’ offerings, and despite wanting everything, I was able to minimize it down to 22 pieces for you to look through.

From cozy knit skirts to chic leather numbers, there’s something below for everyone. I’m already considering adding a few to my cart and envisioning how I’m going to style them. You won’t want to wear pants again after this—I promise.

How amazing is this duo-tone denim?

Chocolate brown is a neutral to me just like black is.

Hands down, this is my favorite skirt in my closet.

Tie details aren’t going anywhere.

I’m dreaming of owning a Christopher Esber piece.

I like to call these trouser skirts.

I love everything about this styling.

The best part about this skirt? You don't need to iron it. (Trust me, I own it.)

I’m very into this floral print for fall.

Nanushka’s vegan leather is buttery soft.