I'm French and Live in Paris—5 Fall Staples I'm Ditching and 5 I'm All About


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Paris, the city of love and fashion, has long been a muse for those seeking timeless style inspiration. I never shy away from scrolling through a Parisian woman's Instagram feed. There's so much to learn and see every time I open my phone. For some reason, French women just know what they're talking about, especially when it comes to investment buys and wardrobe staples.

I chatted with Géraldine Boublil, a fashion and interior aficionado, and she let me in on her current closet clean-out. Boublil grew up on the outskirts of Paris and has lived in the fashion capital since the beginning of her career. This fall, there are a lot of trendy things to get rid of but many more wardrobe staples to hold on to. Below, I've rounded up her thoughts on the pieces she's ditching and the ones that she's all about. By the way, I'm shopping all of them.

Ditching: Short Shorts

Shopping: Light Cargo and Chino Pants


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"I love to wear these pants with white tank tops or a one-piece bathing suit worn as a bodysuit." — Géraldine Boublil

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Ditching: Flowy Dresses

Shopping: Oversize Menswear Shirts


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"Try wearing this staple with a pair of cropped black leggings or with ballerina flats to contrast with the masculine shirt." — Boublil

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Ditching: Summer Prints

Shopping: Statement Trench Coats


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"Trench coats paired with jeans, flip-flops, and white tees are always a good idea. Allow the trench coat to be the 'showstopper' of the look—the rest of the outfit can be quiet and easy." — Boublil

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Ditching: Bold Colors

Shopping: Chic Flip-Flops


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"As I transition into fall, I like to continue wearing some of my favorite summer staples a little bit. They look nice with a silk midi skirt and a cashmere sweater." — Boublil

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Ditching: Broderie Anglaise

Shopping: Sweaters on Sweaters


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"I love to wear knit cardigans as a jacket with another knit on the shoulders or used as a scarf around the neck. This makes for the ultimate effortless look." — Boublil

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