These 6 Fall Layering Hacks Allow Me to Get the Most Out of My Wardrobe

This fall, I'm trying to make more intentional buying decisions and am looking to my existing wardrobe for outfit inspiration. Turns out, I already have a lot of pieces that, when layered correctly, can make several fall outfits from thin air. While some may say living in L.A. isn't conducive to fall layering, that post-sunset temperature drop is real and would argue otherwise. Lucky for us, it's nothing another layer or two can't fix. 

Below are six outfit combinations I created with "boring" staples like a button-down shirt, a mesh top, and a slip dress—all of which you likely already have in your closet. These outfit templates have not disappointed me yet and can be remixed all season long to your liking. I was even able to repurpose some summer hero pieces into fall outfits, proving there's no reason summer ever needs to end. Keep scrolling to see the fall layering hacks I'm using to get the most from my closet this fall.

Collared Shirt + Crew-Neck

After this summer, I'm convinced we all have a crisp white button-down in our arsenal. Lean into the preppy vibe and style it underneath your crew-neck sweatshirts this fall. I'm wearing it with a black tennis skirt and a vintage sweatshirt to balance out the Catholic-schoolgirl vibes.

Not your average crew-neck. This one has exaggerated balloon sleeves, and you already know if it's by Ugg that it's super cozy inside.

These look so expensive. I love the bunching along the toe.

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The wide cuff will look elegant peeking out of your crew-necks and sweaters.

This cropped sweatshirt pairs perfectly with high-waisted pants.

Turtleneck + Cardigan

A turtleneck feels like an aggressive choice in L.A. (It's 84° as I write this.) However, when paired with laid-back track pants and a cardigan, the chill vibes are restored. Tonal layering, as seen here with the gray-on-gray pieces, is another hack that can be a lifesaver when you're convinced you have nothing to wear.

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I wear these at least twice a week.

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The boat neckline adds some flavor to your everyday cardigan.

Oversize Vest + Crew-Neck Sweatshirt 

If presented the choice, I would choose an oversize vest over a blazer any day due to the layering potential of vests. This oversize tweed number from H&M looks amazing with sweatshirts, hoodies, and long-sleeve shirts. Simply switch out the inside and bottom layers for endless options. 

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Love the throwback athletic-inspired detail along the neckline.

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This sweatshirt hits exactly where it should—just above the hips.

The shoulder pads set this vest apart from its competition.

Sweater-Vest + T-Shirt 

I've been wanting to wear shirts over miniskirts for a while now, but every time I try on the outfit, something seems off. Turns out, the missing piece was a sweater-vest. A white sweater-vest like the one I'm wearing provides a bit more dimension to the outfit and is a nice contrast to the all-black outfits I've been gravitating toward lately. This outfit is giving philosophy major with a focus on Stoicism, which we love.

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The fabric looks so thick and comfy.

I've been wearing my black tennis skirt nonstop since I got it.

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The layering possibilities are endless with this vest.

Overalls + Hoodie

I'm convinced this outfit will never go out of style, as I've been wearing different versions of overalls and hoodies for years now. This fall, I'm choosing utilitarian overalls and keeping everything nice and baggy.

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Go for boy's sizes if you're petite.

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If you're looking for utilitarian-inspired pieces this fall, you'll never go wrong with Carhartt.

Finally, an XL hood that can fit my XL hair.

I'm loving the contrasting white straps.

This fleece hoodie is coming home with me.

These bohemian overalls will look great with a crop top in the summer and with a sweater come winter.

Mesh Top + Slip Dress

Stocked up on second-skin tops and slip dresses over the past few months? Me too. By pairing these two pieces together, you'll be able to stretch those purchases into the winter months. Stick to solid colors to maximize your options.

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This fishnet top is equal parts goth and rave.

The crisscross-tied back adds some drama.

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This bronze will look beautiful with every skin tone.

It's so easy to spice up an outfit by starting with this mesh top as your first layer.