9 Styling Tricks That Make My Fall Outfits Noticeably Chicer



Dressing for fall is where I thrive. I live for the season where I can style cozy sweaters and open-toe sandals in sartorial harmony. There’s unquestionably a thrill of putting together an autumn ensemble which is why I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for fresh outfit inspiration—whether its on the runways, from street style photography, on Instagram, or my personal favorite—Zara.  (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited Zara’s app and promptly screen-shotted a slew of styled looks in a frenzy of inspiration.)

So what is it that will make our fall outfits noticeably chicer and fashion-forward this season? The way we style them, of course. You see, it’s not always about the trends or basics themselves, the real genius resides in the styling of them. This season, I’ve spotted plenty of cool styling tricks, ideas, and clothing combinations that feel of-the-moment and will take your outfit from zero to one hundred in an instant. Below, you'll find plenty of inspiration from the F/W 22 runways, our favorite fashion girls, and yes—Zara, too—that are trendy yet wearable—guaranteed to elevate your look.

Tie Your Sweater Around the Waist Over Your Dress 


Courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Yes, it's that simple. Sweaters tied around the waist was a styling tricks spotted all over the F/W runways—most often over long dresses—as seen at Nanushka, Louis Vuitton, and Bottega Veneta. The easy styling hack already has Kendall Jenner’s approval. Consider this the fresh new way to wear your knits this season.


Add Calf-Length Socks



Before tights make a regular appearance in our cold-weather wardrobes, it's time to show off your socks this season. We're seeing the fashion crowd embrace calf-length socks in particular—pairing them with everything from ballerinas (thanks to the Miu Miu runway), sneakers, and loafers. No need to go too fancy with them. The key is going for a basic neutral hue.

Style a Mini Skirt With a Maxi Coat

Nothing makes a mini skirt look better than a maxi-length coat! There's something so striking and sartorially exciting about this contrasting combination—it couldn't look any cooler if it tried.

Layer a Vest Over Your Blazer



Creative layering is one of the most fun aspects of fall dressing. Here's one simple styling trick I recently stole from Jen Azoulay. Throw a cool vest over a blazer. Et Voilà!

Belt Your Skirt (Or Even Better, Double Belt)



Belts are in the spotlight this season and I personally couldn't be happier. They're one of those low-key accessories that have the ability to pull together an outfit in an instant. If you want to really lean into the trend—try double belting your skirt or pants—a styling trick designers from Miu Miu to Peter Do embraced on the runways—and the fashion crowd are having fun with too. Oh, and the belt trend is here to stay into next season as we saw them rule on the recent S/S 23 runways which makes them a smart choice to invest in now.

Try Tonal Layering


Courtesy of Zara

Zara is serving up plenty of outfit styling ideas this season, and this look particularly caught my eye. Try layering your sweaters and coats in shades and tones of the same color—in this case gray. Start with a fitted turtleneck, add a V-neck sweater or vest, then a relaxed coat to finish the look. If you want to take your outfit to the next level, add in a fresh pop of contrasting pastel (yes, pastels are trending for fall!) to create one seriously chic autumn look.

Clash Prints (Intentionally)


Getty Images

On the runways we saw a ton of mixed print outfits that looked unabashedly cool in all their joyful eclecticism. While anything goes with this fun and playful fall look, a good trick is to choose complementary colors or a similar color scheme within your mixed prints.

Pair a Relaxed Button-Down With Sequins


Courtesy of Commission

I've always loved the combo of a casual button-down with fancy sequins—a look we could totally see Carrie Bradshaw wearing. If you want to look fashion-forward, it's the absolute perfect sartorial mix. 

Add Long Gloves to Casual Knits


Courtesy of Jil Sander

One of the easiest ways to make your outfit noticeably chicer is with the addition of long gloves—a huge accessory trend this fall/winter. Scrunch up the sleeves of your knit sweater or dress, and let the stylish accessory shine.

Drape a Sweater Over Your Blazer



Another super simple styling trick that always adds a fashion forward touch? A simple sweater draped over your blazer. It instantly adds dimension, texture, and offsets a corporate silhouette.