30 New Fashion and Beauty Items I'll Be Telling Everyone About This Fall

Toteme brown Biella sweater



It's inevitable that I'm most inclined to shop at the start of a new season. There's just so much new stuff, and it's likely that I just cleaned out my drawers and closet for a fresh start going into the changing season. So it's time to replenish. And I don't mean just fashion items—my beauty-product collection is also getting an overhaul for fall, so I'm sharing those items on my wish list as well.

The only sad thing about this roundup is that I can't have everything on my list of wants, but at least I'm not selfishly keeping it to myself. Below, you'll find my fall dream bag, a stunning face palette I just added to my collection, a Zara maxi skirt I just tried on (and think everyone should order), and much, much more. Enjoy, and have a very happy (and stylish) fall. I hope this list of new items to try makes it even just a little bit happier.

New Beauty Products

This is not your average palette in which you only use half of the shades—each one is gorgeous, wearable, and complementary. There's something for every need, from blurring powder to highlighter to blush to bronzer. I have the Elephant palette, but there are two others that are equally perfect.

I've been a huge fan of this stick since its initial release, and my love for it only grows, as Merit just nearly doubled the amount of product. I use it almost every day, and it's ideal for travel.

Micro-needling has always kind of freaked me out, but these new at-home rollers are anything but scary. The tiny micro-needles dissolve into your skin, and after you've rolled it over your face for about 10 minutes, it'll look like you just got an hour-long skin-brightening facial.

I love the look of fluffy, well-groomed brows in the fall, and this new Lawless product is providing me with just that. I'm not surprised in the least that the Sephora reviews are already very enthusiastic.

Mutha just launched an exfoliating serum, and "Power" isn't an overstatement. The morning after using it, my skin truly looks brighter, and I've noticed that some of my fine lines are becoming, well, less noticeable.

I always find Chantecaille products to be worth the money, and the same is true with this new lip launch. The brand released four new shades of its sheer, balmy Lip Chic, and all are spectacular, but I'm partial to this smoky rose shade. Plus, the tube couldn't possibly be any chicer.

Wine-stained nails are something I just realized my fall aesthetic has been missing. I'm surprised this unique polish isn't sold out yet—grab it while you can.

Sunnies Face just released a pink collection of its wildly popular matte lipsticks, and someone please tell me how I'm supposed to choose.

When I saw that Augustinus Bader made a lash-and-brow serum, I ordered it immediately. It's pricey, but its products are always worth it, so my hopes are high.

Another brand-new launch on Violet Grey, this lip filler in a tube sounds very promising, and it's next on my list to order. Unlike lip plumpers, it delivers long-term results.

This new Prada perfume is raking in glowing reviews, and the bottle is very appealing to this Prada-triangle-logo lover.

I've been on the hunt for a new pressed powder for what feels like ages. Westman Atelier never disappoints, so I'm very tempted to splurge on this new one.

If you haven't tried Eighth Day yet, trust me—its products deliver. This newly released Resurfacing Tonic promises brighter, smoother skin. I believe it.

New Fashion Items

Prada's new It bag has yet to leave my thoughts since I first saw it. This is a timeless style that you can be confident about if you're ready to make such an investment.

I recently tried this new Zara maxi skirt, and I'm tempted to order it in every color—it's that perfect.

Dorsey, the brand making tennis necklaces a little more accessible, just released this jaw-dropping necklace, and I'm in love.

This Totême sweater (which is the one I'm wearing in the intro photo) is so fluffy and oversize but not heavy and itchy. It's basically perfect. I plan on wearing it in place of a jacket on fall days that are chilly enough to allow it.

The French-girl effect is strong with this piece.

Something tells me that these new Reformation pants aren't going to be in stock for long.

If you buy one skirt this fall, make it a long denim one. (Actually, I'd buy two—this and the Zara one I raved about above.)

Everyone on our team is understandably obsessing over this new Mango blazer.

I plan on wearing this new cropped sweater with my many high-waisted bottoms.

This pretty pullover is next up on my sweater-shopping list.

Speaking of Miu Miu, the maker of this season's It shoes.

This will punch up any outfit it adorns.

Styling this without anything underneath is quite fun.

I can't get over how perfect and reasonably priced these are.

These just-released Levi's Baggy Dad Jeans are selling out across the internet, but you're in luck.