4 Fall Color Combos That'll Make You Look Truly Innovative

If you’re a regular reader of Who What Wear, I’m going to assume you’re already familiar with the usual fall “colors”—orange, brown, navy, etc.—and common combinations within said color family. Those are old (yet admittedly reliable) news, so I’d rather direct your focus to some of the less expected, more exciting color combos I’ve seen creeping into my Instagram feed as of late. Hope you’re into bold greens, yellows, and blues because they’re featuring quite prominently into F/W 18. Keep scrolling to see the innovative color combinations street stylers are working into their wardrobes right about now, and shop a few new pieces while you’re at it. (A word of warning: Friends who are into more minimalistic looks and color pairings, you might want to avert your eyes and check out this instead.)


This lighthearted color combo is one easy way to keep encroaching winter weather from getting you down. Love the way the logo bag grounds the look a bit but still feels fun and retro-inspired.

If this is a little too marigold for you, try this pastel pick on for size.

The white wide-leg jeans I’ve been looking for.

Every outfit needs a finishing touch.


Like I said, some of the season’s best outfits stray away from expected color palettes. I didn’t expect to love blue and green together this much, but now I’m busy shopping pieces to re-create this look with.

Because you needed a new sweatshirt anyway.

An injection of spring into your cold-weather wardrobe.

The ’90s (aping the ’60s) knew good sunglasses. 

Add to the madness with a clashing faux-fur bag.

Why stop there? Add in statement earrings to clash with your blue-and-green color scheme.


This one’s a classic rock ’n’ roll–inspired choice, and it’s only going to work if you fully commit to it. If you’re prepared to make this Very Bold Choice, I salute you, and I’m offering up a few picks to get you started.

And last but not least comes this citrusy dream combo. These fresh lemon-lime pieces are exactly what you need if you’re not feeling super enthusiastic about colder weather, and we love the inclusion of a neutral bag to bring things back down to earth a smidge.

To complete the lemon-lime effect.

Another Loewe bag we’re head over heels for.

Looking for more fall fashion inspiration? Check out my roundup of affordable pieces to add to your wardrobe.

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