I Tried On 16 Statement Tops With Jeans and These 9 Were Clear Winners


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As a digital editor, I basically shop online for a living. This means that I can sift through literally thousands of products and edit them down to what's really worth buying. I take pride in my ability to quickly evaluate one piece from the next, but still, nothing will ever top the ability to try on everything IRL. The topic of today's search? Statement tops. While I normally would make a shopping trip to my local mall, I opted instead to order a bunch of styles online, try them on in the comfort of my home, and report back on the very best ones.

The tops I'm talking about today are what I like to call do-it-all tops—throw them on with jeans and suddenly you have yourself an outfit. In other words, they do all the sartorial work for you. And with the holidays coming up, my closet could definitely use a few more of these standout tops. 

I logged on to Shopbop, Revolve and Nordstrom in search of The One—well, ones—and after doing a lot of unboxing and snapping the pics to prove it, I landed on the below nine that were so good I won't be sending them back.

Scroll down to see the mirror shots of the best tops I tried on, read about what makes each one special, and then shop your favorite one (or two or three) from my edit.


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It just doesn't get any cooler than a leather shirt, IMO. This one is easy to style and putting it on made me feel like my outfit was fashion with a capital F, if you know what I mean. Here, I work it open over a printed turtleneck and I went a size up to get a more oversized jacket-type look. I have so many black leather pieces in my closet already so the rich brown color felt especially fresh.


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Every closet needs a good white top in it and you get bonus points if that top is as versatile and seasonless as this one. While most of my fancier tops aren't all that comfortable, this one rivals my lived-in tees since it's made from lightweight, semi-stretchy cotton. The corset-inspired seaming is really the highlight here and it hugs you in all the right places. On the whole, this fit really well and I could see myself wearing it with everything from skirts to jeans to trousers.


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The square neckline deserves a closer look as well. This top is stunning from every angle.


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I'd been eyeing this houndstooth print turtleneck from Ganni every since they first released it this fall and dare I say it's even better than I expected. The brand makes a fresh version of this each season, several of which I already have in my closet, but this print definitely takes the cake. I added a knit shrug on top for warmth but since this fits like a second skin the layering possibilities are endless.


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Not to play favorites, but this stands out to me because the special details make it look like a pricy designer piece when in reality it clocks in at under $80. If that's not a steal then I don't know what is. As for the all-star details? The elongated cuffs, ruched tie-waist, and pretty jacquard satin top the list.


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The subtle cutout in this easy-to-wear ribbed bodysuit makes it feel so much more special than your typical turtleneck top but just as simple to wear with jeans. This is an outfit I know I'll be wearing on repeat throughout the winter.


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Another bodysuit because, well, there's nothing better for getting that perfect tucked-in look. My hair is covering the polo neck detail here, but believe me when I say it makes this look so current. I also appreciated that the rosy color helped me go outside my comfort zone of neutrals while still being easy to wear.


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There's so much to love here, I don't know where to begin. Staud's statement pieces are in a category all their own and this leather number is certainly no exception. From the voluminous sleeves to the peplum hem and plunging neckline, there's a lot going on here but it all somehow works. Not pictured: the pretty open back. It's worth clicking on the product image below to see it.


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Another look at these sleeves because they're major.


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When I tell you this top looks and feels so luxurious, I mean it. The satin fabric is beautiful and feels so comfortable to wear. It has an oversized, pajama-inspired fit to it already (I'm wearing it true to size for reference) so I could see myself wearing it equally as a PJ top, too. Also, I'm not sure the photo does it justice but the mossy green color is so good.


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Anyone for a lace-up top? I've been wanting to try the revealing micro-trend for some time now and this pink satin top ended up being the perfect opportunity. While I paired it with my ultra high-waist Ribcage jeans, the matching satin skirt would also make for a cool look.

More statement tops I'm eyeing:

Next up, the under-$100 boots that are earning me droves of compliments.

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