3 Pieces That Have Changed My Everyday Style

The key to everyday dressing is to find signature items you can wear on repeat and outfit combinations you can put on without even thinking twice. Studies have shown that we have a limited amount of mental energy when it comes to making decisions during the day, and we should make an effort to minimize our options when it comes to things like what to wear in the morning and where to go for lunch. These small decisions add up and consume energy that you could potentially save for serious situations like working on an upcoming project at work.

One thing I’ve found beneficial when trying to reduce the decision I make in the morning is crafting a signature everyday style and have a set of pieces I can always count on when getting dressed in the a.m. This simple adjustment has helped me avoid decision fatigue and makes for a breezier morning routine all around. Today I’m highlighting the three items I have to thank for easing my getting-ready process and have lowered my time making simple yet draining choices before I even leave my apartment. Ahead I’ll explain how my style has never been easier and share the essentials I swear by. Keep reading to see and shop the items that have become signature to my personal style.

Stackable Jewelry

Up until about a year ago, I didn’t really consider myself as a “jewelry” person, I had always worn a simple dainty gold bracelet, and that’s about it (see image four). That changed when I started playing with the idea of layering jewelry, particularly necklaces. I now have one thin necklace I wear every day and then from there add on additional chain necklaces depending on my mood. Sometimes I’ll layer on three or four or keep it minimal with two dainty chains; either way, this subtle change in my accessories lineup has definitely changed my personal style for the better. See and shop the latest stackable jewelry I’m eyeing below.

This makes for the perfect necklace to layer. 

Solid Basics

I always recommend hitting the reset button on your basics selection every couple of seasons. I can be easy to forget to refresh things like simple white tops and sweaters that have seen better days. For me, my basics wardrobe consists of $12 Hanes tanks that I can easily replace without feeling guilty, several black sweaters ranging from lightweight to chunky knits, and jean styles that I wear on repeat. See how I’ve recently styled these basics for easy everyday style below.

I purchased this pack from the children's section so they'd fit super tight. 

A closet isn't complete without a pair of Levi's.

I love the light powder pink hue of this ballet-inspired top. 

Statement Boots

One of the easiest ways to ease your style is to dress simple and then leave the attention-grabbing piece to your footwear. Whether that’s through a basic jeans-and-tee combination or something shorter with an oversize jacket (see image three for a visual), adding a pair of statement boots to your look is a foolproof way to update your style. See recent ways I’ve styled boots this fall below and shop my favorite pairs at the end.

The Western boot trend is here to stay, and we're especially loving this white pair. 

These boots are incredibly comfortable, and the mauve color is subtle enough that it can work as a neutral.

A very chic take on the Western-inspired trend. They also come in an awesome printed version.

Up next, see the under-$10 items I wore for a week straight.

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