The 3 Under-$10 Items I Wore for a Week Straight


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Last week I attended fashion week in Milan and you bet I had my outfits planned out to a tee before I packed and headed out of the country. I pulled inspiration and photographed every look while packing (like I do for every trip) to ensure I know exactly what to wear while I’m on my trip and to hopefully avoid overpacking and overweight luggage fees. The trip was somewhat last-minute so I didn’t have a ton of time to organize and gather pieces for my fashion week looks so I really had to be savvy and lean on my accessories to make my outfits stand out.

Above all the items that I packed, I wore three under-$10 items I purchased off Amazon last-minute the most. I finally hopped on the biker shorts trend and scored a pair for $4 so that makes for item number one. The next piece is also from Hanes, I ordered a three pack of these white tanks which I wore with almost every outfit and had planned on cutting into a crop but ran out of time and had to do the old-school fold under trick to make it a DIY crop. The last piece is this $8 thick black (faux leather) headband that I ended up wearing with the majority of my looks which I was glad because it was hot and I was very sweaty so luckily my cute Amazon headband hid my gross hair. See how I styled the key under-$10 items below and shop the pieces you need to recreate the outfits.


(Image credit: @mscanga)


(Image credit: @mscanga)


(Image credit: @mscanga)


(Image credit: @mscanga)


(Image credit: @mscanga)

Shop more of the pieces I wore during MFW below:

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