8 Overalls Outfits You Haven't Tried Yet

If you’re an adult who knows how to wear overalls, then you’ve probably already mastered the art of styling them with your favorite statement tee and pair of sneakers. (We know it’s one of our favorite fashion statements.) While we have nothing against repeating an outfit or two, why not sport your favorite article of clothing in an updated way? That’s what a new season is all about, after all.

It may surprise you, but dungarees are more versatile than you think. Give your pair some more wear and switch up how you style them, whether it’s with an added layer or two or getting a little more creative. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to wear overalls. Find your inspiration here to start experimenting with new outfits. You’ll feel as though you just added a few more pieces to your closet.

Folded Over


(Image credit: Style du Monde)

Give your overalls a brand-new purpose by folding down the bib and wearing them as standard pants.


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Not sure what to do with the straps once you've switched up your pair? Take them around your waist for a built-in belt effect.



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If you're feeling über-casual, wear your pair in an undone fashion to give yourself an air of edge.


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Tap into the '90s hip-hop look and wear your undone overalls with a sports bra and tie a jacket around your waist.

Statement Coat


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If it's still too cold to sport this spring and summer trend on its own, throw on a statement coat to give it a whole new look. You're bound to catch someone's eye.


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Dress up your khaki overalls with a fluffy faux-fur coat to give it a high-low appeal that the style set loves.

Layered Sweater


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While it's still cold out, swap out your favorite T-shirt for a chunky knit sweater to give your overalls a warm, boho-chic look.


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Before the weather gets too hot, a mock-neck sweater will provide all the coverage you need as well as provide a cool twist for your favorite overalls.

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See? You don't have to wear your overalls in just one way. As an added bonus, you just updated your wardrobe without spending a cent more than necessary.

Dale Arden Chong