Okay, Emrata, We Get It—You Love This Zara Dress

In the words of Lizzie McGuire’s Kate Sanders, Emily Ratajkowski is an outfit repeater. Not sure if you caught our fashion chat on Instagram last week where we discussed all things relating to outfit repeating, but overall, you guys had a lot to say about the matter. Well, Ratajkowski clearly is a fan of wearing the same thing twice, but not just anything—a Zara thing.

Emrata initially wore her Zara dress while on vacation in Italy (which she so proudly flaunted all over her Instagram), and sadly, it sold out quickly thereafter. For her second go-around, she styled the same exact dress over a pair of jeans and finished the look with bright yellow satin mules. Besides the fact that her wearing this sold-out Zara item twice made us green with envy, Ratajkowski easily proved that the most effective way to repeat an item is to switch up the way you style it. That way, you can flaunt your favorite item of the moment and your impressive breadth of styling techniques.

Go on to see Emrata rocking this Zara dress in Italy and post–photo shoot and to shop similar Zara items available now.