Fashion Editors Are Shopping for Pants RN, and This Pair Is Trending

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Part of my post-pandemic shopping journey has been to find pieces that I can style in a multitude of ways and that have an element of comfort to them. Do I miss sitting in high-waisted no-stretch jeans all day long? Absolutely not. But do I miss actually wearing something that isn't a pair of sweats when I'm working from home? Absolutely.

Luckily, Athleta has been my go-to destination for anything I'm looking for, whether it's the perfect leggings to wear with my oversize sweater during a workout or the ankle pants that I can style in about 10 different ways. The selection at the fashion-favorite retailer right now is stellar and really helps me get my wardrobe in shape for reentering the world confidently. My favorite piece right now is the ultra-popular Brooklyn Ankle Pant. There's a reason the pants have a five-star rating, and I'm breaking down why.

Shop the Pants

If you're commuting to work again or if you have a little one at home you're constantly running around after (not to mention running errands), you kind of already know that a versatile piece of clothing is essential to getting things done.

These pants come in a range of sizes (I'm talking 0 to 26 plus tall and petite options) and a whole slew of colors––my personal pick is always navy, but whether you're into trending pink or easy neutrals, your personal style is covered—so you can pick which ones work best with your style and existing wardrobe. 

 My favorite part of these pants (other than the fact that they're wrinkle-resistant) is how many different ways I can wear them. With sneakers, I can put a sportier look together. With flats and a ribbed, knit sweater, I have a look that I can wear for a more casual day at work. It's a win-win situation in my book. It also has a ribbed knit waistband and side panels that are perfect for superior mobility and comfort.

Like any other perfect piece of clothing, these pants have a ton of usable pockets, making them extra functional. I personally love this latte color as well and plan to style it with a white t-shirt.

15 More Pieces You'll Wear on Repeat

Imagine how cute this would look with the neutral Brooklyn Ankle Pant? 

Ruched-side dresses are all the rage right now, making it easier to put together outfits to go out in. Add a structured blazer to this piece, and you have yourself a chic look.

I just want to wrap myself up in this on a balmy evening.

Another day, another perfect knit tank I can wear 10 different ways.

This color is perfect to transition into fall.

The ideal jacket to pull on with your Brooklyn Ankle Pants.

These shorts have over 200 five-star ratings. 

Bonus points if you get the matching shorts. 

Cutouts are definitely moving into fall.

Chocolate brown is where my mind is for next season.

Neutral on the outside, neon on the inside.

Your do-it-all bag that can carry your entire day without overflowing.