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It's been nine years since my now-husband proposed to me, and in the face of even my own scepticism, I still adore my engagement ring. For someone whose fashion aesthetic has changed in a pretty drastic way in the same space of time, my engagement ring has been a mainstay. An antique style featuring a cluster of rose-cut diamonds encapsulated in an Art Deco setting, on paper, it now wouldn't match my mainly minimal wardrobe. However, it feels so intrinsic to me that it could be a part of my anatomy; ornate but not flashy, statement without being garish, it's still easily my most prized possession. It wasn't expensive either (we were 23 when we got engaged, 24 when we got married), and our budget was next-to-nothing; Still, I can honestly say I wouldn't change for the world. This is why I think it's so important to select an engagement ring that reflects your personality. You mightn't be there when your partner makes the decision, which is why I advise all my friends to make the sort of engagement ring they'd like very clear (just maybe not on the third date). 


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Over the years, the engagement ring market has broken many of its own rules and now offers an incredible array of rings to suit any wearer. The one downside to this, however, is knowing where to start your search. From cuts to carats, colours to clusters, there are more engagement ring styles out there than ever. So, I thought it would be a good idea to speak to an esteemed panel of experts to find our which engagement ring trends for 2023 they're backing.

"Trends" is perhaps the wrong word—jewellery has a significantly longer lifespan than clothes or other accessories; the turnover isn't as rapid. So, rest assured if the engagement ring style you love or already have on your finger isn't listed here, do not be disheartened. These are merely the engagement ring trends that those in the know have highlighted as talking-points. And you can never be too informed when it comes to such a monumental purchase.

Scroll on to see the seven engagement ring trends for 2023 that experts and designers are particularly excited about.

1. Constellations of Stones

"Our clients who are still opting for white diamonds are tending to seek multiple stone options, often in the form of Art Deco styles. The rings are often juxtaposed and created by mixing different cuts of white diamonds,” says Laura Kay, creative director of Tomfoolery London

2. Kaleidoscope Colours

"Many of our clients are opting for colour for their engagement rings, which great to see, with some going for completely untraditional looks. We are finding customers are mixing and matching, seeking alternative options; choosing a mix of coloured gemstones and different cuts that work together in harmony within one ring which, perhaps, wouldn’t initially be your first thought for an engagement ring,” says Laura Kay, creative director of Tomfoolery London.

"More than ever, clients are searching for something different to traditional engagement rings, with the brief being for a piece that will stand out from the crowd. Coloured stones do this perfectly. I have found that the main request from my clients is for vibrant coloured stones rather than diamonds," enlightens Lucy Crowther, founder of Minka Jewels.

"Engagement rings will become bolder and more colourful in 2023. This includes coloured diamonds and bold and vibrant-coloured gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Eye-catching and unique, these qualities make the wearer’s personality stand out,” affirms Angie Marei, owner and designer of Marei New York.

3. Two Become One

"Toi-et-moi rings—a ring that coils around the finger with two complementary gemstones—are also becoming a firm favourite. I'd recommend these sorts of designs if you are looking for something a bit more daring: they are great canvases for combining different types of gemstones, shapes, and colours, as well as for incorporating graphic bands and settings,” says Rachel Boston, founder of Rachel Boston

"The Toi-et-moi trend will continue, but perhaps we will see slightly more unique interpretations. For example more unusual stone shapes or colours being used," affirms Michelle Oh, owner and designer of Michelle Oh Jewellery

4. Solitaires With a Twist

"Solitaires will ever go out of fashion because, as a design, the simplicity of a single-stone ring will always be a timeless option. Still, I think there will be a pivot towards small details that make a single-stone ring look more unusual. For example, perhaps a unique setting style, the unique placement or alignment of the stone itself, or maybe it will be the shape of the ring band. It's all in the details,” says Michelle Oh, owner and designer of Michelle Oh Jewellery

5. Spotlight On: Lab-Grown

"I think we will start to see more and more people moving to lab-grown diamonds. They have been around for a long time now but we have recently added them to our offering because we found a 100% climate-neutral and sustainably rated option. Just because they are grown in a laboratory, does not make them ethical, so it was important for us to find the best option here. These are great for people who really want to know exactly where their jewellery is from. And because they are much more affordable than mined diamonds, you can get a much bigger diamond for your budget," says Claire Hammon, co-founder of Meadowlark.

"The one trend that is coming through stronger and stronger is sustainability (although this shouldn’t really be a trend, more of a way of life!). Our clients are becoming more aware of the environmental crisis and are therefore looking to invest in an engagement ring that will both stand the test of time but also minimise its impact on the environment. We are seeing huge demand for lab-grown and antique diamonds, which are by far the most eco-friendly options, and also much more affordable than a newly mined diamond,” agrees Eliza Walter, founder of Lylies.

6. Bumper Bands

"Our clients are investing in metal heavy, bold-band styles that help them express themselves and take up real estate! Following a similar vein, men's rings, once as afterthought, are now taking centre stage, whether they are the ones being proposed to or they too want an engagement ring at the same time as their partner. Our clients are looking for signet/class ring styles, diamond solitaire rings and more design-forward bands, and often mirror their partner’s," says Shahla Karimi, owner and designer of Shahla Karimi

"I am noticing a general move away from any engagement ring that is considered traditional. People want something cool and modern that doesn’t have such a conventional connotation attached to it. My most requested style is a single diamond ring in a heavy gold bombe or sculptural ring. People are still channelling their budget into a single diamond, but they are increasingly looking to the design to set the stone more interestingly. They want a unique design, a chunkier ring and often an unusual form to add interest,” affirms Jessie Thomas founder of Jessie Thomas Jewellery

7. Endearing Ovals

"We have seen huge interest in oval cut diamonds this year—either set in a solitaire, halo or three stone design—and I predict that this cut will continue to be a popular choice for 2023. My clients are becoming much more adventurous when it comes to combining different cuts of diamonds—baguettes with rounds, for example,” says Emma Clarkson Webb, founder of Emma Clarkson Webb Bespoke Jewellery.

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