These Are 2019's Engagement Ring Trends (You Know, Just in Case)

Whether you've just said yes to a very special question or your idea of commitment consists of finishing that box set on Netflix, most of us can agree on one thing: Ogling engagement rings never gets old. Few can resist pausing at the windows of jewellery stores to take stock of the shimmering trinkets on offer, and we're certainly no exception. But there are virtual methods too, i.e., looking at the latest jaw-droppingly expensive A-list rock or a new brand we've discovered on Instagram. For those of you who are already betrothed, set to be in the not-so-distant future or simply a keen gem-hunter (like me!), the quest for the perfect engagement ring can begin. But with so many cuts, colours and carats to be had, it's overwhelming to know where to begin.

Engagement Ring Trends 2019: @catbirdnyc



You probably have an idea of the metal you like most. Personally, I'm a yellow gold kind of girl. As for the rest, we suggest looking to the engagement ring trends set to boom in 2019 for inspiration. Jewellery trends are less frivolous than fashion, so don't worry about your ring choice dating—it's just nice to be ahead of the curve, isn't it? To help us decipher the 2019's engagement ring trends, we sought expert advice from our pals at Pinterest as well as Katie Rowland, creative director at sustainable diamond and jewellery brand Lark & Berry. Scroll down to see which sparklers she's tipping to be big news on the engagement scene next year.


"We've seen such a shift in the engagement ring market from the traditional to the unique," Rowland told us. One of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd? Try a coloured stone in place of a classic white diamond.

Better start doing those weights, as this is easily the biggest rock on our list. 

Sapphires are one of the most popular engagement ring stones in lieu of diamonds. 

Annoushka's dusty diamonds collection has long been a favourite of ours. 


Pinterest has reported a substantial rise in the number of Art Deco–inspired rings repins in 2018, which is likely to continue into next year. Vintage designs are beautiful, but if a quality guarantee will put your mind at ease, opt for one of these expertly crafted engagement rings.

The square setting on this yellow-gold ring is unusual yet still looks classic. 

Hexagon settings have been all the rage over the last couple of years, and 2019 is no exception. 


"Stones that are unusually set or cut such as the marquise and pear (personal favourites of mine) have also seen a rise in popularity," said Rowland.

Engagement rings don't come much more classic than this. 

This timeless ring also comes in yellow gold, complete with an emerald green stone. 


Effortlessly elegant and timeless, Pinterest has also seen a spike in pearl ring repins. Pearl jewellery has had a resurgence of late, so it's no surprise engagement rings with freshwater focal points are also on the up. 

This is what it looks like when statement and minimal meet.

Subtle and chic. Just think how this will look stacked with a diamond wedding band. 


"Many of our bespoke customers are opting for robust, thick bands in place of delicate rings," says Rowland. It seems the trend has also been picked up by some jewellery powerhouses, too. 

Tiffany's T Two ring is becoming a cult classic. 

The brushed gold on this beauty looks super modern and luxe. 

Now that you've found the ring, what's the harm in checking out some wedding dresses?