I'm an Expert in Intuitive Skincare—Here's What I Always Look for in Products


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We all know it's important to follow our intuition, but what if we could extrapolate this quintessential rule to skincare? Emily Parr did—she's the forward-thinking founder of two skincare brands, HoliFrog and Current State. Before Parr became an entrepreneur, she was a beauty publicist for over a decade. She found that she always took a more holistic, functional, and intuitive approach to beauty, which led to her developing something she coined as "skintuition." This concept is all about listening to your skin and the bio-individual cues it gives on a daily basis, so you can give it the exact products it needs to glow.


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"I very much felt that my skin's needs change situationally and depending on its current state," Parr explains. "And that's exactly what my brands' philosophies are all about: tuning in and having a relationship with your skin because you are your skin's best specialist." She practices "skintuition" by curating a routine for each occasion and time of day, whether she's going for her morning run, working on her next product launch, or soaking up rays on the beaches of Martha's Vineyard. The commonality in each routine is a good cleanser, specifically one that's rich in active ingredients and low in surfactants—it's game-changing. Curious to see her favorites? Keep reading for her go-to cleanser, other skincare essentials, and must-have supplements.

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Emma Walsh
Associate Beauty Editor, Branded Content

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