I Dislike Vitamin C and Retinol, so I Created a Bespoke Anti-Aging Serum Instead

Angela Caglia's favorite beauty products

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After almost three decades working as a celebrity aesthetician, Angela Caglia is an expert at marrying skincare and wellness. In fact, she created her namesake skincare line based on the belief that the two are inextricably linked. Her products focus on supporting the skin barrier, delivering active ingredients, and encouraging healthy aging. As such, she's not one to fall into the latest skincare trend. Actually, she's not one for trends at all. "Less is more. You do not need a lot of products; you just need quality products," she says. "Don't jump on trends, be intuitive with your skin needs, and use ingredients that work with your skin, not against it so you do not disrupt or strip the barrier." 

Her anti-trend take on skincare includes two beliefs—first, you don't need to wash your face in the morning, and second, vitamin C and retinol aren't necessary. "I haven't washed my face in the morning for 30 years," she says. "You don't need to disrupt your barrier if you've cleansed at night, and you've got your serums on. There's no need to remove anything because your skin is regenerating while you sleep (unless you're sweating or acne-prone)."

Angela Caglia: The Lineup


Angela Caglia

That's intriguing, but hearing vitamin C and retinol aren't necessary is shocking, especially when it's coming from a celebrity aesthetician. "I didn't like the effects of retinols and vitamin Cs on my skin," she says. "I think that everyone was taught to believe that you need those to look younger." Instead of vitamin C or retinol, Caglia uses her newest product, the Cell Forté Serum ($395). "I wanted to create something better from human nature that our skin recognizes with no downtime. I don't think an active needs to sensitize your skin—it can be active and not sensitize your skin, which is the best active to have." 

Outside of her skincare routine, Caglia supports her health and wellness in a variety of ways. "As a CEO and entrepreneur, I have to ensure I have a good work/life balance, so it's important to make time for self-care and wellness activities. Whether it's physical like an infrared sauna or deep breathing exercises, my health is a priority. I try to make sure I'm taking care of myself while I'm in a business that takes care of other people." 

Angela Caglia's Beauty and Wellness Lineup

"Obsessed with the luxury element and the beautiful lipstick shades."

"It’s intoxicating and so lovely for a night out on the town. My friend and supermodel Helena Christensen told me about it."

"I have one in every color. They are the chicest and most durable cosmetic bags. I love them because they are easy to clean and lined with black waterproof fabric."

"The undertones are beautiful with wearable complex shades. The packaging is so chic and heavy too."

"I love it because it resets my skin and cleans well without stripping while also not needing another cleanse after. It's all organic and made with the finest oils."

"It's my literal addiction. This is a must every morning and evening. I have one by my bed, in the bathroom, and at work. I’m more addicted to it than coffee because of the results. It has changed my skin like no other topical including prescription. Game changer."

"So pretty and easy to use. Arielle Vandenberg, the founder, is as brilliant as she is funny."

"It's the best. It's natural and grows my lashes so quickly."

"I love how comfortable it is and the element of soothing energy of the real Rose Quartz Crystals next to the LED lights. It's not only the most powerful mask on the market with 180 red and near infrared lights, but the most zen."

"I love to use them in the morning over my skincare to de-puff and give instant glow."

"So lightweight but packs a punch. It glides on and melts into my skin. It ruined me for any other moisturizer."

"Monika Blunder just launched it, and I’m obsessed."

"I'm just starting this, but so far, so good! My clients love it, so I wanted to try it myself."