Most "Clean" Skincare Disappointed Me, so I Created My Own Brand That Wouldn't


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Kristin Cavallari was never far removed from the beauty-and-wellness scene. In fact, she's been plopped straight into the center of it since she was a teen, starring in the early 2000s sensation that was Laguna Beach. Living in SoCal meant she was always in tune with the latest and greatest when it came to taking care of her skin, hair, and body. Although, she didn't come to realize that until early adulthood. "I'd say a turning point for me was in my early 20s," she says. "I just started seeing the effects of a healthy lifestyle and taking care of my skin. Living in L.A. definitely played a role in that since it's incredibly healthy and always up to date with the latest health-and-beauty craze." 

After being asked countless times about her skincare routine, Cavallari dove into the world of skin, doing research and learning everything she could about the industry. "What I learned was pretty surprising—a lot of 'clean' brands aren't necessarily clean and don't really do what they say they're going to do, so I felt like there was an actual need for a line with good-for-you ingredients." That's when she decided it was time to make her mark and start her own brand, Uncommon Beauty.


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These days, Cavallari is focused on keeping up with her healthy lifestyle and caring for herself in the best way she can, inside and out. For her, that means a robust wellness routine. "I eat healthy 80% of the time, which for me means real food. I never look at calories, just ingredients, and I try to eat food as close to its natural state as possible. I don't drink alcohol very often; I've never been the type to just open a bottle of wine at home. I save my drinking for fun nights out with friends or at dinner or an event. I work out regularly (usually four times per week), and I lift weights. I use an infrared sauna regularly. I typically get eight to nine hours of sleep. (I prioritize that!) I meditate and journal." 

Her wellness routine is equally geared toward mental health and physical health. As she puts it, "Beauty starts within. Your mental state and the way you speak to yourself plays a huge role." 

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Kaitlyn McLintock
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