I'm a 30-Year-Old Mom and Fashion Editor—5 Sneakers I Fully Live in Right Now

When it comes to my everyday style, there are a lot of factors that come into play and ultimately inform my outfit decisions. I'm a mom of two and a fashion editor who is officially in her 30s. As a native Californian living in New York City, I do more walking than I ever thought I would in my life. Luckily, all of these things kind of point in the same direction, which is comfort and practicality while simultaneously trying to look cute, cool, and put-together.

Where does that leave us? Sneakers, of course. While I have more pairs than I am willing to put into writing, there are five special styles that get exponentially more airtime than the rest. To read about and shop each of my favorites, plus see how I've styled them lately, just keep scrolling. 

1. New Balance 990

Starting with the ones I've been wearing the longest, my New Balance 990s truly never fail. I love wearing them with jeans, but they also pair equally well with shorts and leggings, which is a major plus.

2. Salomon XT-6

Whether it's at school drop-off or on a weekend, this exact outfit is what you'll catch me in most mornings. It's all based around my Salomons, which—I have to admit—I bought because of Hailey Bieber, and I'm so glad I did.

After finally giving in to the hype, these Sambas are my most recent shoe purchase, and I finally get why everyone is obsessed! Probably the most versatile of the bunch, they go with everything from jeans to cargo pants and even skirts. 

4. Loewe Flow Runner

For days that I want to "dress up" my sneaker look a little, I opt for these Loewe Flow Runners. They feel a little more polished than athletic styles, and I love the retro nod. 

5. New Balance 550

Closing it out with another New Balance style, the bulkier but less sporty 550 is a silhouette I've been wearing for a while and continue to love. While they pair well with everything, my go-to move is styling them with trousers or slightly baggy jeans.