My Chic Co-Worker Won't Go to the Gym Without These 7 Workout Essentials

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Working out during the spring and summer = a piece of cake, if you ask me. As someone whose primary form of exercise is running and hiking, I happily spend hours outside from March through September, relishing the fresh air, plentiful sunshine, and the many scenic trails my neighborhood has to offer. Once October rolls around, though, it’s a whole other story.

Even here in gloriously temperate Los Angeles, the temperatures are beginning to drop, and I’m already dreading the time change that’s right around the corner. I don’t love the idea of running around Hollywood in the dark (and I’m just not a morning workout person), so I normally (begrudgingly) log serious time on the treadmill this time of year.

Clearly it’s going to take a luxe little shake-up to get me excited for my fall workouts—which is where my co-worker Anneliese Dominguez comes in…

Who What Wear Associate Fashion Editor Anneliese Dominguez

Anneliese loves a good fitness class and a good at-home workout (“I can’t get enough of Melissa Wood Health and P.Volve,” she tells me), and she’s got this seriously cool, seriously high-end workout style that’s the envy of our L.A. office. I suspected she’d be the perfect person to turn to for all of the essentials, and I was correct. Among the contents of her workout arsenal? The coolest leggings I’ve ever seen, a new pair of Airpods, and, of course, a couple of nice, cold FIJI Water sports-cap bottles.


First off, she always ensures she’s got supplies on hand for post-workout replenishment. “I’m always getting reminded by my family, friends, boyfriend, and the world to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, so I always make sure to have extra bottles of water in my bag,” Anneliese says. “I like to keep FIJI Water sports-cap bottles on hand for easy but chic hydration on the go.”

Next, she advises you to be sure you’ve got the right bag… “I’m much more of a backpack person when it comes to carrying my workout gear, and this one fits all of my essentials seamlessly,” Anneliese tells me. “Plus, it has straps underneath that can carry my yoga mat, which makes life so much easier.”

You know those tired old trainers you’ve been wearing for over a year now? (Tsk-tsk.) It’s time for an upgrade. “I’m pretty sure every fashion girl owns a pair of APL sneakers for her workouts, and it’s obvious why,” says Anneliese. “I’m used to clunky running shoes, but these are extremely light and comfortable, not to mention extremely cute.”

If you are going to give an outdoor workout a try during this transitional season, don’t sleep on Anna’s next pick. “First of all, this jacket is lightweight and super easy to pack away after your workout is over,” she tells me. “It feels a bit more elevated than your usual workout jacket, but it’s also super practical—it’s got a water-resistant shell and a drawstring hood.”

Like most fashion girls we know, she likes to make a playlist before she starts her workouts, and going-wireless is essential. “My Airpods are always in my bag,” she shares. “If I forget them, I will, without a doubt, turn around (even if I’m already a few miles from home).”

Also key: workout gear that looks stylish once you step back out on the street after your Pilates class. “Coated leggings are the best for when I want to switch up my look without giving up on my all-black style,” Anneliese explains. “The glossy liquid finish on this pair makes them look super luxe.”

Of course, she’s also got a little beauty pick in the mix. “Post-workout wipes are hands down the most important thing I keep in my gym bag,” she shares. “The wipes clean away excess dirt, oil, and sweat that would normally clog my pores. These babies keep me breakout-free.”

Her last go-to is another stylish space-saver I’m adding to cart immediately. “I tend to only work out in sports bras, but I always keep a tank with me in case I go somewhere after. This sheer one is easy to throw on after a workout and also doesn’t take up too much space in my bag.”

Next up, see what one of my other co-workers is packing for her upcoming weekend getaway.

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