This Underrated Style Trick Is One of the Coolest—Do You Know It?

Photo: Collage Vintage

If there is one thing all fashion girls know how to do, it's create an exceptional outfit. But have you ever stopped to think about why exactly it is that their looks are completely foolproof? It's the balance of feminine- and masculine-inspired pieces that give an ensemble the well-rounded and strikingly interesting aesthetic you are going for. A head-to-toe-frilly look tends to air on the side of prissy, while a dress with sneakers feels approachable and cool.

The best thing about this easy fashion-girl secret is that it can be applied to a wide variety of style preferences. Whether your wardrobe is mainly streetwear-inspired or your closet is stuffed with ruffled skirts and floral dresses, this balanced feminine/masculine outfit equation is one that will save you every time. Ahead, we've gathered a handful of looks that all have this cool styling trick in common but are otherwise totally different.

From lace socks with sneakers to a dress over jeans, go on to shop the duos that make these cool-girl looks particularly spot-on.