8 Styling Tricks That Will Make Your Outfits Look More Expensive This Winter


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It’s around about this time of the year when it’s very easy to get into a sartorial winter slump. The same jeans-sweater-and-boots combo can get rather tiresome after the umpteenth time wearing it. So when it comes to winter outfits I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for fresh inspiration that not only adds some interest to my looks but elevates my ensembles so they look more expensive.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been scrolling, screenshotting, and saving plenty of cool styling tricks, ideas, and clothing combinations that feel of-the-moment and will take your outfit from zero to 100 in an instant. The real genius resides in how we style our basics and trendy pieces to create something that looks noticeably chicer.

Below, I'm sharing plenty of winter styling ideas that are trendy yet wearable and guaranteed to elevate your winter look (and get you out of any style slump in an instant).

Wear Sheer Tights Under Your Jeans



This styling trick is so simple yet super alluring. The idea here is that the you allow the sheer tights to be seen under your jeans, so teaming straight-leg jeans with a pair of shoes like pointed toe slingbacks (rather than boots) is the best option to pull off the look. It's a perfect look for an evening out.

Layer a Button-Down and Overcoat Over a Fitted Turtleneck



This three-step layering technique always looks so effortlessly chic and is perfect when you want to stay warm yet look sophisticated for work, meetings, and beyond. You can also add an extra layer for more warmth—a half-zip sweater over the button-down. 

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Let Your Long Leather Gloves Show


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One surefire way of making your winter outfit look more expensive is the addition of long leather gloves. Style them just as Jil Sander did on the F/W 22 runway—and scrunch up your sleeves (whether it's a coat or a sweater) and let your long leather gloves be seen. Go for a relaxed look, and let your gloves slouch rather than being skin tight. For an extra-cool touch, add a gold bracelet over one of the gloves. Seriously chic!

Tie a Sweater Over Your Coat Around Your Shoulders



I know this sounds so simple (and it is!) but this is a styling hack the fashion crowd is loving for winter. It looks so effortlessly chic and acts much like a scarf so you'll stay warm in style. Make sure the sweater is large enough to nonchalantly style over your shoulders.

Wear Your Oversize Hoodie Over a Half-Zip Sweater

More layering ideas coming your way! This time, give your cool sporty hooded sweatshirts an elevated touch by adding a fitted half-zip sweater underneath. Finish the look with an elegant handbag to keep the look polished.

Add a Hood


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Hoods (or balaclavas) are a trendy winter accessory that has been all over Instagram this season. Whether you go for a neutral hue, a fun print, or a pop of color, the warm and cool cover-up will elevate your entire outfit. Simply style with your coats and sweaters this winter. 

Style a Crisp White Fitted Turtleneck Under a Crew-Neck Sweater



There is something so luxurious looking about a crisp white turtleneck—especially when styled underneath a sumptuously soft crew-neck sweater. It exudes a sort of après-ski style that feels elevated. This is a look we've seen fashion people embrace this season, very often finishing the look with an oversize blazer or chic overcoat. 

Try Tonal Layering



Dressing head to toe in varying shades of the same color is a foolproof way to make your outfit look expensive. Play with textures and lengths, and don't forget accessories. Stick to neutral hues such as beige or gray.