I'm a Fashion Writer and I'm Craving More of Easy Outfit Ideas Like These 12

I like embellishments, dramatic layering, platform heels, and over-accessorizing as much as (if not more than) the next person, but admittedly, dressing to the nines at all times can leave anyone with a bit of decision fatigue. Let alone that dreaded feeling of looking at a full closet of statement pieces (rather than staples) and feeling like you have nothing to wear. That being said, even as a fashion writer whose job depends on scoping out innovative trends, sometimes there’s even greater satisfaction in nailing the art of an effortless but equally cute outfit. 

I’m talking about the kind of outfits that you reach for when you have an itinerary of things to do for the day but still want to look good. Luckily, building a wardrobe around these kinds of outfits will likely leave you investing in versatile staples. In the end, you’ll find yourself experiencing that "nothing to wear” feeling less often, if even at all. As the outfits ahead prove, less really is more. Keep scrolling for 12 easy, breezy outfits worth keeping in mind the next time you’re in the mood for some online shopping.


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There isn’t a printed cardigan that doesn’t automatically make jeans look good. 

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Canadian tuxedos are one of the easiest outfits in my playbook, especially when you’re going with oversize silhouettes. Add color in place of the standard blue jeans and the end result will be that much more fashionable.

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Want to look like an expert at layering? Try a long tailored vest over baggy trousers. It’s a simple combination that will look instantly elevated.

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Shackets are one of those pieces you’ll be glad to have in your closet on lazy days when you’re craving an easy outfit. Find one with contrast stitching and style it with leather trousers.

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Here’s how to make jeans look nearly formal: wear them with a nude top embellished with dainty details such as bows or crystals, and then style them with pointed flats.

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This outfit combination (a slim denim set with a cropped, fitted button-down underneath) makes a good case for replacing stuffy suits with denim.

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Your new errands outfit hack: The coziest top you can find plus a pair of loose trousers trousers.

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Midi denim skirts are an It style beloved by fashion ladies as of late.

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Nothing quite says "easy but cute" like mini Uggs, especially when paired with trousers and a classic sweater.

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An easy-to-style outfit doesn’t have to be devoid of interesting elements. For instance, take the classic slip dress up a notch with a velvet texture, pairing it with a distressed leather jacket, and cowboy boots. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, it doesn’t hurt to throw on a concho belt.

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A statement coat is pretty much the only thing you need to add style to anything, even just baggy jeans and a T-shirt.


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Give your baby tanks a makeover with an oversize blazer and a satin midi slip.

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