I Found 29 Things at H&M You Can Wear for Halloween

easy halloween outfit ideas

Like all vampire puns and most events requiring a dress code, Halloween tends to either be met with high levels of enthusiasm or a reluctant sigh. While participation is—in theory—voluntary, it should be noted that sometimes one is not allowed to partake in the eating of delicious Halloween treats unless one gets involved with the fancy dress festivities. If you are both costume-averse yet candy-appreciative like me, this is a predicament. 

Fortunately, it's 2018, which means that from the comfort of our desks/beds/subway rides, we can take a brief diversion from scrolling through H&M's new outerwear and find an easy answer to any costume dilemma for under $40. Whether you decide to commit to a onesie, finally treat yourself to a Buffy tee, or just snag a few low-key spooky accessories to gain access to the Halloween-themed bagels at your office, H&M has you covered.

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