8 Halloween Costumes That Only Require One Piece

Halloween is fast approaching, and if getting dressed up in a costume you've planned for three months (like Heidi Klum) isn't your jam (honestly, who has the time?), then you've come to the right place. We prefer to spend our time planning out our week day looks, so for Halloween, we need a quick solution that does the job, and still looks cool. 

Our method? Add just one piece to your look, to make it Halloween-ready. You just need to get a little creative, and be ready with a response when someone asks "what are you dressed as?". 

Look to some of your favourite movies, and think, what was the main characters' signature piece? Chances are you already have the majority of the pieces in your wardrobe, and you'll only need one signature item to make the look. Or, you can think about your costume more literally, like a 'robot', and just pick an accessory that is the costume. Confused? Click through, and it'll all make sense.

Basically we just want an excuse to buy this oversized sweater, but also, when teamed with your Vetements jeans and Gucci loafers, you can basically get away with calling yourself a fashion blogger. Easy!

Forget about looking for metallic tights and a matching tee, just wear all black, and carry this Charlotte Olympia clutch in front of you all night. Sure, it isn't practical, but at the end of the night you still have a quirky clutch you'll want to take out again and again.

This is hands-down the easiest way to dress up as a skeleton this Halloween (just add black jeans so it's the focal point). If it's Gucci-approved, you know we approve. 

Frida Kahlo is a prominent historical figure, and as fashion is cyclical, her style (full skirts, embroidery, big florals) is currently trending. Beyoncé has used Kahlo as her Halloween inspo in the past, and you should too. If you buy this red floral headband, the rest is probably in your closet.

Remember what we said above about the alien costume? The exact same applies here. Except we'd swap the all-black outfit, for all-white.

Aren't we lucky that the '90s are back on the fashion scene? You know how we always tell you to tread lightly when dipping into a trend, or risk looking like you're in costume? For this one, wear all your favourite '90s trends you've been stocking up on all at once (like the slip dress and tee, army boots, and choker).

Who can ever forget Frenchie from Greasealways in her pink-team bomber jacket? Well, we're guessing you already bought a pink bomber jacket throughout winter because they were all the rage so all you need is the matching tee to complete your look.

Quite possibly the easiest, Halloween costume to ever be created. Whip these on and you're a cat (or Catwoman).

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