7 Simple 2023 Trends That'll Make Your Outfits So Much Better

Fashion should be fun—not hard or confusing. It should be attainable, and it should bring you joy. For this story, we're focusing on easy trends for 2023 that will hopefully make you happy, make your outfits better, and don't require much effort at all. Perhaps your next question is, "So what types of trends do all of these things?" When choosing easy trends, look for colors, accessories, and silhouettes that are high impact but that you don't even need to think about how to style.

It happens to be the case that more than a few of the early 2023 trends fit these criteria, and they're already shippable. Some are holdovers from last year, but they'll certainly keep heating up this season and beyond. So without further ado, read on to familiarize yourself with the trends and shop the ones that suit your life (and wardrobe) the best. 



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The freshest bold color trend to try in 2023 is this bright, beautiful shade of blue. It pairs perfectly with black and other brights, so don't hold back.

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Quiet-Luxury Bags


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Quiet-luxury bags are those low-key luxe bags that aren't covered in logos and hardware, and they're as timeless as can be.

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Metallic clothing and accessories are back this year, and there's no easier way to make your outfit stand out.

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Maxi Coats


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Long coats add an elegant, subtly dramatic touch to any outfit—as evidenced by the photo above, where one is paired with sneakers and a white tee.

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Double Denim


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The fashion crowd loves to dabble in the Canadian-tuxedo area, but it's set to go mainstream this year. Think of it as a form of casual suiting.

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"Belts, belts, and more belts" is the mantra in fashion this year when it comes to accessories. It's a trend that's worthy of investment because it inevitably comes back every few seasons.

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You may not think "simple" when you think of sequins, but look at it this way: No matter what you're wearing, if you throw on a cool sequined piece, you'll instantly look like you tried.

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