Skip the Piercing With These 15 Ear Cuff Earrings

Whether we got our ears pierced as an infant or braved the needle at a later age, earrings have had a standing presence in many our jewelry boxes. However, for those without pierced ears, the options can be great (hello, clip-ons!) but limited. That being said, there’s a new jewelry trend that doesn’t require a piercing at all, on your lobes or elsewhere: ear cuff earrings.

Whether you have your earlobes pierced or not, an ear cuff is an easy way to add more baubles to your look without the commitment of a punctured hole. Plus, with the number of options—from dainty and minimal cuffs for everyday wear to more statement-making pieces for special occasions—there’s a cuff that’ll suit you and your personal style.

Ready to expand your accessory collection? We rounded up the coolest ear cuffs on the market for you to wear by themselves or layer for an edge of cool. Check them out now.

See? You don't need piercings to wear the coolest ear accessories.