Every Self-Professed "Dress Person" Owns These 5 Styles

If you've tried a capsule wardrobe, your life has probably changed. Gone are the days of not being able to decide what you're going to wear—the mornings where you can easily mix and match the carefully curated items in your closet are here. However, if you're a self-professed dress person, skip the trouser-and-top pairings. Instead, we've created a dress capsule wardrobe with five styles that'll never steer you wrong.

The beauty of a dress is it's a whole outfit in one item. This cuts down on time and styling conundrums for whoever wears them. But before you go buy every dress silhouette out there, we suggest nailing down the five styles ahead. From minimal to statement-making, the designs run the gamut but also keep your capsule wardrobe streamlined and ready for any occasion.

Dress people, this is your moment to shine.

Opening Image: @pandorasykes