This Boot Brand Will Always Be a Winter Fashion Staple

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You can't even begin to think about winter fashion without thinking about boots—they go together like bread and butter. And this year, there seems to be one style that has stolen the hearts of fashion girls everywhere: chunky boots. I've seen a variety of different takes on the trend; however, Dr. Martens is the brand that will forever reign supreme. Whether you’re into its classic all-black lace-ups (my personal favorites) or digging a more colorful option, there’s no denying that these boots make an outfit look super stylish. Plus, a select few of the brand’s newer shoes include features like faux fur and its innovative WinterGrip soles, making them perfect for the cold weather. Intrigued? Keep scrolling for 16 cute pairs you can wear with any winter fashion look, from your favorite midi dress to your go-to skinny jeans.

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Anneliese Henderson
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