19 Beautiful Dior Pieces You Can Buy for Less Than £350

Vintage pieces becoming more popular on Instagram is a fabulous trend in the right direction for sustainable fashion. However, there are also a few purely selfish reasons for investing in vintage designer pieces. Not only are you saving the planet from increased consumption, but you're also getting a timeless designer piece and obtaining the original source of a new trend (all for a good price).


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When it comes to iconic brands, there are certain styles and pieces that, if you know where to find them, you can get them at a more affordable price. Plus, the originals are often made better than contemporary re-issues.


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Knowing what to look for and what to actually buy into can be tricky. What's a score and what's a rip-off? It's about knowing the brand you're buying—don't just buy something for the label.


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Rather than buying a new designer cotton T-shirt for a few hundred pounds, why not invest in a forever buy that is secondhand and less than £350? Of course, that is still quite a bit of money, but compared to thousands and thousands of pounds for a new Dior Saddle bag, it feels much more attainable to save-up for. Keep scrolling to see and shop the pieces we recommend buying vintage.


When shopping for vintage designer bags, do some research about the most well-known style names—for Dior, this would be a Saddle or a Lady. These will always be more affordable than new reinventions of the same shape, but when they're back en vogue, you'll find that secondhand prices do hike up.

So stay tuned to WWW, as we often predict these comebacks before they hit the mainstream. Or trust your gut. For an even more affordable option, chose cloth styles over leather ones.


Statement earrings are still popular this year, thanks to the '80s trend, and are better bought secondhand, especially if you prefer clip-on fastenings. For Dior, the newer Tribal earrings are instantly recognizable, but its gold logo pieces are timelessly cool too.

Use surgical spirit to give the posts a good clean up before you even try them on, and if necessary, get fine jewellery pieces looked after properly at a jeweller to return them to their former glory.

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While mules are the Carrie Bradshaw shoes of the year, there are so many vintage Dior heels I know would've been part of her expansive shoe wardrobe. From logo-printed ankle boots to pink tweed heels, I can see her enjoying all of these and probably wearing them with cargo shorts and a bra.

Make sure the heels and soles are in good condition. Ideally, with vintage shoes, you need a pair that have been barely worn, or else they can start to fall apart quickly.

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