This Season's Biggest Trends Prove That the '80s Are Back


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We’ve already mentioned that style girls everywhere are going back in time to the ‘90s for major style inspiration, but based on recent trends… we think a new decade may be deserving of more attention this season. One look at street style and runway images from the latest fashion weeks and it’s almost impossible not to notice.

The ‘80s are back… in a big way.

Once we started to spot the ‘80s inspired trends, we couldn’t stop. It seems as if everything from our blazers to our hair accessories are straight out of the era that was Madonna and MJ. In fact, mastering the perfect ‘80s look is as easy as tapping into this winter’s biggest trends… who would’ve guessed?

For those that would like a little guidance, and style inspiration, keep scrolling to see which styles have caught our eye. We’ve even shopped out a few options to get you started if you’re feeling the fashion fever.

Shoulder Pads

There’s no denying that shoulder pads have made a comeback. YSL’s show at Paris fashion week proves it. Suits in 2018 are looking a lot more androgynous, with one of the key features being big shoulders. If this style intimidates you, choose a blazer that’s a little more subtle in shape and colour, letting the shoulder pads stand out as a unique element on their own.

White Boots

You’ve seen them on every celebrity. You’ve seen them in every street style photo. We can’t stop talking about how much we want them… but did you know that the white ankle boot trend hearkens back to the '80s? That’s right, this cool “new” look isn’t so new after all…


We’ve been seeing vinyl in every form lately. From miniskirts to trench coats, everything seems to be made of vinyl. But this look isn’t just a 2018 street style star. Vinyl garments originated in the ‘80s, and when you take a second look, they do have a retro-cool vibe about them.

Leather Jackets

Arguably, a leather jacket has become a timeless staple, but it only really launched into extreme popularity during the 1980s. Though we may have given up crimped hair and bright eyeshadow (for now), we’ll definitely be holding on to our biker jackets for a little longer.

Boxy Blazers

Have you noticed that blazers are becoming bigger and boxier? You can thank the ‘80s for that as well. While we were at first a little surprised to see this unflattering trend completely takeover fashion week, a brief glance back into fashion history reminds us that this was a popular look in the ‘80s. Pair it with a mini skirt and you’ll be channelling the era in no time.

Bright Colours

Bright colours seem so fresh and new this season after years of more minimalistic style. However, much of what we’re seeing today evokes an ‘80s-esque style. We’re talking about the big red coats and bright blue trousers you’re seeing everywhere… it does seem to make sense, right? We can also attribute the pairing of bold colours with one another to the style stars of decades past: They pioneered this trend long before we even thought of it.

Statement Jewellery

Goodbye, dainty earrings. In 2018, bigger is better. One major takeaway from the latest runway shows is that accessorising this season is going to be more fun… a lot more fun. ‘80s fashion girls were no strangers to this concept. They piled on jewellery, and if they could pull it off, that means we can too.

Power Suits 

It’s easy to fall into the idea that women are so empowered in 2018 that we’re finally embracing the power suit, but the reality is that ‘80s women were the ones to rock this look in the first place. As more women started working in corporate offices alongside men, they channeled the style of their colleagues and thus inspired the trend as we know it today.

Fanny Packs

We’ve been talking about fanny packs a lot lately. And while we were a little shocked at first to seem them resurface, it makes sense in light of the fact that the ‘80s seems to be inspiring us all lately. Though style stars have started adapting the bag in new ways (over the shoulder), this is a quintessential ‘80s accessory.


Last but not least, the hair accessory every It-girl is obsessed with. It’s no secret that the scrunchie was popular in the ‘80s, but we had to point out how it’s once again become a key part of our wardrobe. A ponytail almost looks boring without one now.

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