The Zero-Effort Outfit Formula to Take You From Desk to Drinks

We’ve all been there, making plans after work only to realize after the fact that there won’t be much (correction, any) time to get ready between the two. Instead of lugging a full-on duffel bag to the office with you—not to mention having to stealthily change in a bathroom stall—be strategic with the outfit you choose to wear to work. The formula that we usually stick to is simple to master. Start with classic silhouettes in neutral colors so you’ll have more freedom to play up your accessories. Once you pick out the top and bottoms and have an idea of the shoes and bag you’ll wear, look for that extra third piece. We usually go with a jacket that we can drape over our shoulders at the office and take off before meeting up with friends. It’s as easy as that.

Proof: the outfit below. It’s simple in theory—a black midi skirt and white top from the Who What Wear collection—but the eye-catching shoes and bag really help bring the look together, making it perfect for transitioning from desk to drinks. Slide left to right to see how you can take this outfit from day to night and shop the pieces below.