How to Gift Like a Pro for the Holidays

Ugh, gift shopping, amirite? Unimaginative gift guides, crowded malls, and endless Google searches for “what to buy the person who has everything” are enough to make a girl wish she could curl up and hibernate until the start of the New Year. Because try as we might, we somehow still end up defaulting to yet another boring pendant necklace or—worse—an elaborately gift-wrapped candle.

This year, however, we’ve vowed to make holiday shopping not only bearable but actually fun. Which is why we ditched the traditional gift-guide method and created a short-and-sweet Mad Lib–style quiz designed to generate the perfect pieces from Marc Jacobs for all those super-special ladies in your life. We know what you’re thinking: Can it really be that easy?! We say it can—and we’re betting you’ll find a gem in here for yourself, too.

Fill in the Blanks Below

I’m buying a gift for
my work wife my eternally chic best friend my cooler-than-normal mom my statement-making friend my S.O.’s sister my friend who’s always traveling my new college-grad cousin my accessory-obsessed friend

If I had to describe her as an emoji, she would be
the salsa-dancer the smiley face wearing blacked-out sunglasses the woman-artist the star-eyed face the unicorn the airplane the dancing twins The shopping bags

Her favorite trend this year was
Millennial Pink red non-white sneakers sparkle stripes mini bags denim on denim loafers