Yep, These 29 Designer AirPod Cases Are Actually Cool


(Image credit: Getty Images)

There's something about owning a designer item that just feels so special. Whether simple and minimalist or totally out-there, they're pieces we hold dear and will wear for seasons, even years, to come. However, "designer" doesn't always have to equate to a hefty price tag—take smaller accessories like wallets and phone cases, for example. The small designer item we're currently eyeing? AirPod cases.

Practical and functional, AirPod cases not only help protect our AirPods from the elements, but they also make them way easier to keep track of, especially when they include a convenient bag clip or shoulder strap for easy access. Lucky for us, many of our favorite labels have put out their own spin on the AirPod case, giving one of our most beloved tech accessories a fashionable twist.

We scrolled through our favorite sites to find the best designer AirPod cases to shop, from Gucci to Bottega Veneta and everything in between. Keep reading to check out our picks.

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