I'm Not Ashamed of Loving This Polarizing 2000s Trend


Getty Images

The 2000s were quite a time to be alive for fashion. From ultra low–slung jeans to the ubiquitous "going-out top," the decade's most memorable fashion trends are quick to garner polarizing opinions. I, for one, look back on that time in my life and cringe at 80% of what I wore. Denim cutoff skirts and Ugg boots? Nope, never again. Except they are happening again. Well, denim miniskirts that is—hold the Ugg boots.

The skirt trend is quick to garner a wide spectrum of thoughts, feelings, and opinions from anyone who participated in it back in the day. Even if you swore it off for good, you might be reconsidering soon. Denim cutoff skirts are gunning for a comeback in 2018, and it seems that fashion girls agree with me. While you won't see anyone wearing the skirts like they did in the 2000s, it's still giving me all the nostalgia.

Go on to see how celebs like Paris Hilton and Rihanna were wearing denim miniskirts back in the day, and then get inspired by 2018's take on the trend.