I Guess No One Is Wearing These 9 Denim Trends Anymore

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If you look at any of the trends of the moment, you'll see how many of the things we've deemed cool aren't traditionally "flattering" or "pretty." Nothing showcases this better than the current state of denim. These days, jeans are getting looser and baggier, while hemlines are slinking lower. The most of-the-moment pairs aren't butt-lifting or sculpting in the slightest, so I don't blame you for being a denim hater if you're not into the relaxed look. (Hey, it's not for everyone.) All that is to say the state of jeans in 2024 is divisive at best.

Since denim goes through some pretty wild trend cycles, you can almost guarantee that with enough time, any given pair will rear its head again, no matter how deep you thought you'd buried it. In fact, if a denim version of the stock market were to exist, we'd all be millionaires. Today, though, I'm taking a snapshot of the state of denim for spring 2024 to keep us all up to speed on what's in and what's out. As it stands in this moment, here are the jeans shapes, washes, and fits that people are wearing more than any others and the ones they're skipping.

Look, I'm just the messenger here, so don't come barging into my DMs if you don't agree with what I've laid out here. (Although, if you think I'm wrong, I'd love to hear your informed argument.)

Out: Printed Jeans

In: Dark Washes

woman wearing jeans

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Although spring is usually synonymous with lighter washes and white jeans that signal warmer weather, the spring 2024 runways were flooded with darker rinses. Style is shifting into a more sophisticated tone overall, and a deep indigo wash feels utterly polished while more whimsical printed styles like checkerboard jeans seem to be on the decline.

Out: "Mom" Jeans

In: '90s Fits

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Sorry if I sound like a broken record by now, but all things mid-'90s continue to dominate in every category of fashion from handbags to shoes, and of course, denim. Right now, the prevailing jeans shape dials the clocks back to 1995 with its slightly relaxed straight-leg fit and mid-rise that make it the next best thing to those illusive vintage pairs. I've noticed that the '90s fit has eclipsed '80s "mom" jeans for an everyday style.

Out: Denim Miniskirts

In: Denim Pencil Skirts

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There's been a lot of chatter about denim skirts over the past year, namely long denim skirts. I'm predicting now that structured pencil skirts will be the 2024 answer to those long, flowy denim skirts that we saw everywhere in recent seasons. No matter where you land on the spectrum of knee to ankle, though, one thing is fairly clear: Denim miniskirts just aren't as prevalent these days.

Out: High and Wide

In: Low and Loose

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Okay, I know the text above makes it seem as though I'm saying high-rise wide-leg jeans are completely "out," but allow me to rephrase. I merely mean to point out that the high-and-wide fit is no longer at the very peak of the trend cycle anymore, but I still think they look great, so don't blame me. (I'm just the messenger, promise!) I think the prevailing fit of the moment is one defined by lower rises and looser shapes. Levi's aptly named Low Loose pair pretty much sums up this relaxed-fit idea.

Out: Bright Whites

In: Ecru Tones

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Hello, spring! White jeans come back into our denim rotations like clockwork the moment the flowers start blooming, but this season, we have it on good account that lighter jeans will take on a warmer ecru tone that feels a touch more directional than bright whites.

Out: Flares

In: Barrel Shapes

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Love them or hate them, barrel-leg jeans are here, and they're happening. Social media may be divided in a heated argument about the dramatic bowed-legged shapes, but there's no denying that people are talking about the style—and ordering them. If we're talking controversial denim shapes, these hotly debated pairs have replaced the debate around flare jeans for the time being.

Out: Trucker Jackets

In: Western Shirts

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Between Beyoncé's new country music drop and Louis Vuitton's cowboy-themed fall menswear show, Westerncore is all anyone can talk about. Obviously, double denim is the first look that comes to mind, and fashion people are opting for softer denim shirts to tuck into their jeans for the look rather than stiffer trucker jackets.

Out: Tight-Fitting Skinnies

In: Cigarette Silhouettes

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The conversation around skinny jeans is starting to tire, but there's clearly still an appetite for slim-fitting denim. Instead of tight-fitting skinnies that cling to your ankles, we're into cigarette styles that still look sleek and fitted but feature a more structured lower leg so they're less legging-like.

Out: Cropped Hems

In: Cuffed Hems

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Cropped jeans will immediately remind me of 2017, when we were all obsessed with crop flare jeans. I think it's safe to say we have hardly seen a single pair above ankle height in years, and I'm happy about that. What I'm seeing bubble up this season are jeans with a wide cuff at the hem. I like the easy detail they bring to simple denim outfits.

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