I Already Have All of My Future Going-Out Looks Planned—Here's a Preview

I have to admit that I feel pretty out of practice when it comes to getting dressed up. My wardrobe over the last year has mostly revolved around sweatpants and loungewear, with jeans or slouchy trousers thrown into the mix on occasion. As the world is reopening, though, I’m thinking more about what I’ll be wearing in small social settings. One thing that has me a bit stumped at the moment? Date-night fashion ideas.

With that in mind, I took a scroll through Instagram to come up with some cool date-night outfit ideas, and now, I’m feeling inspired (and confident) that I have these in my arsenal of looks to try out. These range from casual jersey dresses to denim looks to cool micro dresses that all hit on some of my favorite current trends. Scroll down to take a look at all of the fun date-night outfits I’m excited to try.

1. Cropped Cardigan + Midi Skirt + Mini Bag

Cropped cardigans have emerged as a key fashion-girl staple. Paired with a midi skirt and a mini bag, you have a date-night look that feels like the perfect balance of proportions.

2. Mini Dress + Bralette + Heels

I really love the idea of slipping into a silky shirtdress with a mini hemline. Wear this with heels and a lacy bralette layered underneath.

3. Jersey Dress + Oversize Blazer + Chain Necklace + Classic Bag

Date night fashion ideas with casual dresses



For a more casual date-night look, opt for a simple jersey dress with a chain necklace and a classic bag—I would even add an oversize blazer. While it’s dressed down, it still reads as cool and polished.

4. Top + Jeans + Heels

Date night fashion ideas with jeans



If you’re a jeans person like me, you probably want a cool denim look you can wear for a date night. Here, it’s really all about choosing a pretty top to pair with jeans. I’d also recommend a slightly relaxed pair like the ones in this outfit.

5. One-Shoulder Dress + Strappy Heels + Chain Jewelry

One-shoulder dresses are having a major moment right now, and I can’t get enough of the silhouette. Style this piece with anything from strappy heels to flats, depending on how dressed up you want to be.

6. Strappy Dress + Heels + Gold Jewelry

Date night fashion ideas with mini dresses



We’re seeing so many cool takes on super-strappy dresses in the market right now, and they’re honestly the ultimate piece to wear on a fun date night. Brands like Jacquemus and Nensi Dojaka have some of my favorite designs.

7. Blazer Dress + Heels + Belt Bag + Rings

If you gravitate toward tailored pieces, this is the outfit for you. Simply top off a blazer dress with a belt bag, then add some cool padded heels and rings.