The 7 Fall Trends You'll Regret Not Trying Come Spring

We’re just going to say it: Fall 2018 is the season of going big or going home as far as trends are concerned. While athleisure and minimalism have had long runs—and, frankly, aren’t losing popularity anytime soon (or ever)—the latest looks we’ve see trickling down from the runway into street style and women’s closets everywhere don’t shy away from soaking up the spotlight, making a bold statement, or leaning into vintage styles we haven’t considered popular in quite some time. Flashes in the pan, perhaps, but fun and exciting. If you’re hesitant to dive in headfirst, you might regret it come spring, so we say dive now.

With this attitude, we’re showcasing seven trends of the season below that may come with some risk but certainly promise even greater rewards. We’ll break down some of the easiest and most inventive ways to wear them, as well as shop out the products that will take you from spectator to participant in no time.