Dakota Fanning Wore 3 Strikingly Similar Zara Pieces in 2 Weeks

Fashion girls can all agree that Zara is the place to hit up when you're in the market for affordable and stylish clothing. Dakota Fanning's latest summer getups only prove our point—over the last few weeks, the actress has been wearing some of the most adorable pieces from the brand's latest collection. 

The best part about the fashion darling's summer street style is that all of the pieces she's worn are flattering and comfortable, which makes them instant hits in our book. We're also noticing a reoccurring theme in her dressing—the color blue, which looks great against her complexion and with the accessories she incorporates into each outfit. We're not only feeling her style, we also love that she appreciates a Zara find just as much as we do.

Check out Fanning's three similar Zara outfits below and shop them out.

Which one of these Zara pieces are you loving the most? Tell us in the comments!