I Wore These "Boring" Pants and Now Can't Stop Talking About Them

I can always appreciate a bold look, one that unapologetically peacocks and makes no qualms about stealing the spotlight, but “boring” can be an equally valuable quality in an outfit. It’s hard not to admire the simplicity of a classic layering tool or the use of an elevated basic piece. So, when I was asked to test-drive a new “boring” item for myself, I jumped at the chance.

There is nothing very exciting about these pants,” read the subject line from Cuyana, a direct-to-consumer line based in San Francisco. Naturally, I was intrigued. The Ponte Legging Pant is the first pant style for the company, and when I received it, I understood a bit more about the positioning. It has a nice, heavy legging texture—one that would never be confused with a pair I might wear to Spin class. The rise is also high, and the hem on the legs features a small slit down the back, great to complement heels as well as sneakers. The fit isn’t super tight, although I would recommend sizing down if you’re in between sizes. But the design itself? Simple, unassuming—“boring,” you might say.



Like with the “ugly” trends that tend to get our hearts racing, it’s fair to say “boring” deserves an updated definition in fashion, as well. Because while a solid choice of black trousers might not qualify as the most eye-catching part of my outfits, their comfortable fit, sleek appearance, and versatility make them a new best supporting star in my wardrobe.

I chose to test these out in an outfit combination I would normally wear for work, a patterned blazer and kitten heels; however, the slim fit of these could easily slip into a dress-over-pants combination or go much more casual with a hoodie and sneakers for a weekend look. And since the Cuyana pants are soft enough to be confused with leggings, they felt polished but not too stuffy. In fact, I had a hard time switching back into another go-to of mine that’s not quite as soft: rigid jeans.

Take a closer look at these new boring pants that I’ll be keeping in rotation from now on below, and then shop more mundane fashion pieces that are universal closet MVPs.

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