42 Cute Items to Accessorize Your Summer Swim Looks

Summer is nearly here, and we're all very aware this year won't be anything like the ones we've ever known. There likely won't be big beach parties, pool-side barbeques, or seaside vacations. Only a small portion of the population will even get to sit by a pool or on a beach. For the most part, I've adjusted to my days sheltering in place, but when I zoom out and think about what we're all living through and how quickly normal life shut down, I still feel stunned. It wasn't that long ago that I did get in a bathing suit and go to a beach with my boyfriend. We were on a beach in Kauai (granted, a remote beach with about 10 other people) on an island where we dined, drank, and hiked alongside many others. To wonder when I'll be able to travel again—let alone just go to the beach with my friends—is a sad mental journey to go down.

So instead of doing that, I'm going to remind myself and you that we can still put together cute swimwear looks this summer because you know what isn't over? The sun and social media. In fact, both are thriving. No matter where you are this summer, promise yourself you're going to put on your favorite swimsuit, build the cutest outfit around it, and lie outside to sunbathe (while remaining socially distanced, of course). Your body does need vitamin D, so I shopped out 42 of the cutest swimwear accessories for you. Now you have no excuses.

A pareo is an essential item in any summer swim wardrobe. The pastel florals on this one are almost too delicate to see, creating a cute muted tone I quite like.

Layering slouchy netting with structured brown leather creates the coolest look. This bag will make any of your swimwear outfits stand out. Plus, the netting is detachable.

These sunglasses are effortlessly cool. You could easily make them feel cutesy or edgy, depending on your outfit.

Everyone needs a pair of simple flip-flops, and investing in a leather pair will ensure they last you multiple summers.

Nothing will mentally transport you to a tropical vacation quite like a shell anklet.

But if shells aren't your thing, maybe you're a fan of daisies? I know all my very stylish coworkers are.

I love all the small details in this sun hat: the trim along the floppy brim, the pink band, and the slightly open woven style, which will let my head breathe under the hot sun.

The tassel motif on this neckline makes this otherwise simple tunic adorably cute.

The wide sleeves make this cover-up look extra chic.

Everything about this kaftan is perfect to me: the bright yellow hue, the long tassels, the cinched waist… It seriously makes me want to run, skip, and dance around on a beach.

Toe loops are sometimes the cutest detail on a simple pair of sandals.

Who doesn't love a pair or breezy white shorts in the summer?

The twisted element is a nice play on classic hoops, plus this pair will make all your summer swim looks extra cute.

Long, dangling necklaces elevate any triangle-top bikini.

With pink tassels and a rainbow handle, this isn't your average straw beach tote.

This simple bucket hat is cute and on-trend. And aren't we all dreaming of palm days?

Daisy motifs are everywhere this summer, and they belong in your hair.

Since full-on beach days are out of the question this summer, you don't need a full tote. And this box bag is too cute to pass up.

But in case you do find you need a large tote, Bembien has you covered on that front, too.

Sometimes, you just have to lean into tropical aesthetics to bring a little joy to your day.

The most on-trend sarong you'll see this summer.

These platforms have a '90s feel I'm into.

The '70s-inspired coverup of my dreams.

These pants are begging you to walk around in a bikini top on a breezy summer afternoon.

Two summers ago, I waxed poetic about how badly I wanted a visor. ("It shields the sun from my face while letting the sun highlight my hair!") My roommate was not so sure it was the look for me. I bought options, only to try them on and realize she probably had a point. But this summer, I'm embracing the "tennis mom" look.

Missoni's instantly recognizable chevron stripes are super cute in these pastel hues. This poncho would be perfect over your favorite bikini.

You can't wear this adorable puff-sleeve floral top and not—for a moment, at least—feel like you're on an island vacation.

Never forget the matching shorts.

I love the eyelets and cuffed sleeves on this dress and the fact that it can be worn with swimwear or a slip underneath.

I'm loving anklets this summer, and charms add the cutest touch.

And if shells, daisies, or charms aren't your thing, I have you covered with this beautiful and bright turquoise bracelet.

This skirt would feel so nice after a long day in the sun.

An affordable basket bag that doesn't skimp on style.

I'm still into croc-effect sandals this summer, and this pair looks super comfortable.

I love one-shoulder tops this summer, and this loopy knit is perfect for layering over swimwear.

I'm into minimalist slides, and this nude shade feels super versatile.

This vibrant tropical print and relaxed style are exactly what you want to wear on a hot summer day.

Denim cutoffs have a place in every summer swim wardrobe.

On your wrist or ankle, this double-string band will add a cute pop of color to your outfit.

I'm a sucker for a cat-eye frame in a transparent colorway.